[SOLVED] Tradfri bulb + new hub & app (V3)

I’ve recently got the new ST V3 hub, and am having a nightmare getting it to work with two IKEA tradfri bulbs. Has anyone managed to get them working together correctly?

My issue is that I can pair the two bulbs, however when I try to access them in the new SmartThings app, it says “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.”. Looking at my devices on the ST developer website, the two bulbs show up with the correct status (online/offline). The events for the thing seem to be fine. The steps I’ve taken are as follows:

Anyone’s tips/thoughts would be much appreciated! I’ve trawled the site for any new posts on this subject.

EDIT: Or if anyone can recommend any cheap smart bulbs that integrate better, I’d much appreciate that.

Custom device type handlers do not work with the new app without modification. Try changing them just to a generic zigbee dimmer and see if that works.

If not, you’ll either have to modify the DTH, or use the classic app.

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Thanks for the quick reply! That’s really useful to know.

Being new to the ST world, Samsung haven’t made it the easiest journey.

I’ll try and revert to the old app now (I’ve not set anything else up yet as I’m migrating from HomeAssistant, but want to use custom handlers for other stuff).

I’ll update with my progress for anyone else who ends up here.

EDIT: Look at the post below, I stuck with the new app, and used the ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb device type.

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You don’t need a custom handler any more for ikea bulbs. Use the ZLL 5000k handler if they are color adjustable or ZLL dimmer if they aren’t.


@prjct92eh2 on the money! Thanks.

As the bulbs cover the white colour spectrum, I went for the ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb handler and they work like a charm (dimming, and white colour control).

Thanks everyone for the help on my first ST post, loving this community already, this bad boy is solved!!