Can't connect IKEA Tradfri bulb to SmartThings v3 hub

Hi everyone,

I have purchased this set of bulb + controller from IKEA a while ago (around June 2019), except that unlike in the provided link, the bulb is RBG, much like this one. I have recently acquired a SmartThings hub v3 (2018) and for the love of life I can’t connect my bulb to it, no matter how hard I tried. This is the list of things I tried (with the newest ST mobile app):

  • connecting via ST built-in integration with IKEA devices - tried all 3 available integrations with no success
  • every single time made sure that the bulb was ready to pair by switching it on and off 6 times quickly until it flashed
  • also made sure that the controller wasn’t paired by pressing the buttons to make sure they didn’t change anything
  • added a device handler from edvaldeysteinsson/IKEA-Tradfri GitHub repo and tried to discover device via “Scan nearby” - couldn’t find the bulb
  • tried putting the bulb inside my table lamp for ultimate proximity, so that the bulb, phone and hub would literally touch each other :smile: - to no success
  • tried adding a generic Z-wave device and searching for the bulb - couldn’t find it either

Could this be due to the fact that the bulb is RGB and handlers are meant for white bulbs or smth? I have done my fair share of googling, and the list above exhausted all suggestions I could find.

As for the hub itself, I’ve successfully paired it with my other 3 Yeelight bulbs and the integration has been working great (if you remember to refresh it from time to time). Also, I have successfully connected to google home and can control stuff via Google Assistant from my phone, although the sound bar doesn’t show up on ST for some reason. I realise this is rather arbitrary info, but I wanted to give some context that the hub indeed works for most of intended scenarios.

Does anyone have any idea what else I could try to pair the IKEA bulb with ST? I have just ordered a couple of other IKEA devices in hopes that they would pair properly with ST, and I hope to welcome my IKEA bulb to ST at some point as well :slight_smile:

I have a v2 hub and the last time I tried to pair an ikea bulb was a about 2 years ago, and I remember that one bulb was a complete pain. I keep doing the on/off till it flickered, about 30 times or more, until my fingers were hurting and my eyes were going blind. I then put it in the box to return to ikea as faulty, but the next day I thought, lets try a few more times, and guess what, it worked! So may be try a few more times and see.

The bulbs I have are the standard 1000 lumen warm white ones, which I don’t think they make anymore. Mine use the standard ZLL Dimmer Bulb type.

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@impee how did you… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Tried again to pair it as a Generic Z-Wave Device and it worked from the first try - the bulb was discovered in about 5-10 seconds. Thanks for giving me another push to try again :slightly_smiling_face:

Will try to pair the puck controller now, wish me luck! :crossed_fingers: