Ikea Tradfri lamps no longer installable

I have 8 working Ikea Trådfri lamps all around the house. They all work great.
Bought 3 new ones yesterday. None of the three could be installed /initialized into the smartthings hub.

When trying to get the smartthings hub to find them by holding them by the hub and blinking them 7 times (and telling the hub to search for new devices) nothing happened. This is the exact procedure I installed the other 8 lamps with a few months ago. I tried more than 10 times with each of the 3 lamps.

Anyone else have this problem?
Anyone able to install new lamps as of the last few days?
Any ideas as to what I might do to get around the issue?

I have just bought 30 bulbs of various flavours, mainly fixed white GU10 and variable white GU10s. Had 1 faulty bulb which just flickered and one other fixed white GU10 which refuses to link with Hue or ST but still pairs with the IKEA hub.

I did notice the order in which pairing is done is important. The hub must be in pairing mode before the bulb is turned on or reset or it doesn’t seem to find it.

I bought an IKEA hub to ensure the bulbs are at the latest version - it’s worth poking about the stock at IKEA to get the latest batch code which is printed as YYWW (e.g. 1733 being 2017 wk 33).


I got mine to work.
Described what I did to pair the lamps here:

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