Do all of the Ikea TRÅDFRI / TRADFRI bulbs work natively / directly with the Smartthings hub (I have a new Aeotec one that arrived today)?

People seem to be saying they do in forum posts for some of their things but most posts are quite old, and the listing on the Ikea website clearly states you need their hub for the bulbs to work. Can see IKEA is listed and various TRÅDFRI . TRADFRI models listed (although the E14 one I want isn’t actually in the list…!).

Thanks - Steve

Can’t comment on the TRADFRI bulbs but I have some of the TRADFRI plugs and they work fine with ST.

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  1. Open the SmartThings app. Tap on the + sign in the upper right. Choose add a device.

  2. choose “by brand,” then select IKEA.


  1. select “View by model name.”

  1. you will see a list of all the models which are currently supported in your region without requiring custom code.

Here’s the US list as of this morning.

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I have large number of Tradfri bulbs with a range of types. I also have a number of Tradfri LED drivers. I have all of them using local generic Groovy drivers:
ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb
ZLL Dimmer Bulb
ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb
Only one of my Ikea bulbs has migrated to an Edge driver so far.
I did try to disconnect and re-pair another Ikea bulb but it stubbornly stayed with Groovy.

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I have 11 IKEA bulbs of varying types but mostly the 1000 lumen white spectrum variety.
They all work well.
Still using groovy drivers at the moment


Thanks everyone. Really appreciate the input. Spent the last few weeks really kicking the tyres, although I gather I’ve got the easy route given it’s all the “new” ST platform rather than the more dev centric WebCore experience!

Brought 3 of the GU10 and 4 of the E14 type and they work great with my Aeote hub - no issues so far. (Other than a little fiddly to get into pairing mode when first connecting).

Thanks for giving me the confidence to dip my toe into the water, all working well.

Cheers - Steve