IKEA TRADFRI bulb E27 opal 1000lm with Smartthings hub direct connect?

(Vesa Tiihonen) #1


I am currently unable to connect any of my eight IKEA Trådfri bulbs with Smartthing Hub (ST). I’ve got the IKEA remote which pairs with the bulbs just fine, and is discoverable by ST, but it’s the bulbs that I’m after. I have no IKEA Hub. I’ve tried with out-of-the-bux bulb (unpaired with remote), bulbs paired with the remote, etc. Distance can’t be an issue as I am able to put the bulbs physically next to the hub. One thing to note is that even though I have switched the bulbs on and off for 6 times, at varying speeds / frequencies, I never ever get any of the bulbs to flash as an indication that it has been reset.

Any help would be highly appreciated, even rewarded, since I got 8 bulbs and the Smartthings Hub, and now the whole hardware is just pointless if I can’t resolve the issue.

Many thanks in advance!

Anyone got Ikea TRÅDFRI smart lighting working with ST?

First, just so you know, those devices zigbee, not Z wave. Different protocol.

I would check with the people in the following thread (this is a clickable link). I think most of the people who have Tradfri working with SmartThings are there and they might have some suggestions.

(Adam Walker) #3

There is a knack…

its on/off 6 times (but not that simple. There is even a rythm that you need to find for these buggers.

flick on for half a second, then off for second, repeat 6 times and finish on an on. Then it should pair.

Basically, they are absolute buggers to pair. The GU10s are easy.