SOLVED: SmartThings Hub error on New app: “can’t connect to device. Check device and try again“


I am new to the community I have just configured a SmartThings hub and Schlage smart lock.
I followed this procedure to add the Smart-Lock-Guest-Access “Card”

and all was working well, but at some point it lost connection and today I observed error “can’t connect to device. Check device and try again“ on both the hub and lock icons on the new app.

I tried power-cycling iPhone, then ST hub, then router…ST hub light went green and I noticed i got some messages from manually locking etc. but the Smart-Lock-Guest-Access “Card” was still gone so could not remotely control. I could not even use the 'Report a problem" from the app-help.

I called support and they had me uninstall/reinstall/log back in and at that point everything came up. I can now see the SLGA card and all shows connected.

iPhone-6: 12.1.4;
App: v1.6.28
ST hub V3.
Schlage: Camelot touch screen

Hope this helps others.


I hope it stays fixed for you.

Unfortunately, as you will see as you read more of the forum threads, many people have this problem, it gets fixed for a day or two, and then it comes back.

I hope that isn’t what happens to you, but if it does, just be aware that it is an ongoing issue for a number of people.

Uh oh, thanks for the heads-up. It will reduce my frustration if/when it reoccurs. Is this the best workaround if it happens again? I see there is an option to ‘sign out’, but it gives a warning something like my devices will be lost, which is harder to add then refreshing the app.

At the present time, there is no reliable workaround. :disappointed_relieved: Some people have had this problem intermittently for two years or more.

Thanks again…Do you know how often it typically occurs or if SS is investigating?

Suddenly this evening multiple devices have started showing this error message. Any suggestions as to a solution?

Rename the affected devices in IDE (then, later, restore to their original names). This seems to give the app a wake-up call and forces it to reconnect the devices.