Schlage Camelot Connect no longer reachable "Cannot get status" in NEW SMARTTHINGS APP

So ever since upgrading to the new SmartThings app that was just released, my Schlage Camelot Connect cannot be controlled and constantly says “Getting Status” and when clicking on it says its unreachable.

I removed and re-added the lock to SmartThings fine but it still isn’t reachable.

Has your account been migrated to a Samsung account vs. a SmartThings account? The new app doesn’t support SmartThings accounts.

I’m not sure. If it doesnt support it then wouldnt it have been impossible to setup everything in the new app?

You shouldn’t have to set up anything in the new app. Your hub will be migrated over at some point. You should read this post.

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Yeah then I have that setup correctly.

But my Schlage will not work.

What do you mean “I have it set up correctly”? What do you have set up correctly? The new app? Your hub appears in the new app? You’re part of the New App beta? Then you should report your problems there. No one but beta users is on the new app yet because it’s not SmartThings, it’s Samsung Connect.

Did you even read the post on the link that I posted? You can’t use the new app yet.


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Oh. So they updated the Samsung app and called it SmartThings. Isnt that the “new” app? That’s the one I am having troubles with. If its not the new app then I’ll just go back to the old app and see if the problem is fixed. But you can see where I was confused. They said there releasing a new app, and at the same time update the old Samsung app to “SmartThings” with a spiffy new design which makes you think that’s the app.

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No, they said the are GOING TO release a new app. :slight_smile:

Welp. Back to old app. Removed all devices, Factory reset Hub and Schlage. Re-added Schlage. Connected fine. But now I cannot unlock/lock from smartthings app. Just says “Unlocking”. Gah :frowning:

Spoke too soon. Seems to just be a bit of a delay.

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I am having the same issue. I can lock and unlock my locks but can not see access history or add or change pins with the new app (old Samsung connect app)