Can't connect Schlage Connect, app keeps crashing

I can’t connect my Schlage Connect lock. Most of the time the Smart Things app can’t detect the lock when it scans. When it does detect it, it asks me to set it up securely but when I click Secure Setup, the app crashes. When I try to set it up through the Schlage device setup, the app also crashes.

I am having the exact same issue. We’ve had 2 schlage locks and 2 thermostats connected to a Gen2 hub for 3 years with minimal problems. We had to switch out one of the locks recently and for the life of me, I can’t get the new lock to enroll. I’ve tried excluding the lock, deleting the lock, factory resetting the lock, reinstalling smartthings on my phone, moving the hub closer, repairing my z-wave network, screaming at the lock and begging for the red light to turn green. When I exclude or un-enroll the lock the light turns green, but it will not enroll. It will on occasion show up as a z-wave device, and I’ve gotten it to show up as a lock twice, but there is no functionality. I believe the lock and hub are fine, but that the problem is with the smartthings software/app. It crashes everytime I try to add this device by selecting the device type, brand, and product, instead of using the scan feature. The app also crashes when I scan the QR Code. Please if anyone can help, I’ll consider you my hero forever.

Anyone find a way to make this work? I just bought the Schlage BE469ZP Connect and I’m having the same issue.

When I scan manually, it detects the lock. Then I click secure setup and the app crashes. It will show up as a generic Z-Wave device. Tried a network repair to no avail.

If I try to scan the QR code I get the “Let’s get started with your Z-Wave device” screen, but when I click ‘start’, the app crashes.

This appears to be an issue with Smartthings and not Schlage.

I got this working… I do not have any devices assigned to rooms. Created a room, tried again and it didn’t crash.

Having this issue now with the same model. Can’t get it work. Can you explain your solution? Do you mean that you removed all devices from your hub. factory reset the hub. created a room and added the lock?

I just created a room in the app and assigned some devices to it and that did the trick for me.