Problem Connecting. Try again later - error message in History

i have noticed Smart Things has been pushing updates in the past few weeks for the v3 hub, anyone else have any issues with the devices not reporting any events, or leaving a history?

when i got to History and select ALL, i get an error… so i deselect ALL and manually select devices until i was able to narrow down the problem devices… my Homeseer WX300 switches. even if i select just one WX300 device it will give me an error. so im sure its these switches having the problem.

had the 3 switches up and running like a month ago, and noticed no problems. so i purchased 3 more with their recent sale. got them running without issue, but immediately noticed, they have no history, and then i noticed an error with the general History when i select to display any of the wx300 switches. before the recent updates, i did have history, and did not notice any problems with History.

error i get from the Advanced web interface for Events for any of the WX300 devices, is; “Error loading device activities/events: 500 A non-recoverable error condition occurred.”


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happy turkey week everyone. so to update and close this thread… i updated my app to the new version with the little overhead map view of the home, and this problem disappeared. i now have full history irregardless of what device i select. History seems to be working for all things now… so, what seemed like a device issue… turns out was indeed an ST issue.