[SOLVED] Android reporting incorrect presence after wireless router or home location change

I upgraded my wireless router last night and installed a new Linksys EA9500 router. Not sure if that is causing a problem, but today, every few mins my android presence keep changing to present and not present. I see no problems with the router, as I am connected to it and working.

Are there any known problem with wireless routes and mobile presence? This never happened to me before.

Hello, I had the same problem and in my case, I removed the battery and I replaced it, I also took good care to clean the connectors. Be careful the clips that hold the battery are very delicate. Good luck…

Hi Louis, thanks for the response. I don’t see smartthings hub going offline, its just the android presence. I will take your suggestion and make sure I reset and reconnect the hub with a brand new ethernet cable, but thinking its more related to the mobile presence rather that the hub itself.

Hi, sorry I misread your message, in my case it was the presence sensor of Smartthing … good luck …

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Is your internet going down?
Also try to look into power management in your router if theres one (see if theres any sleep/low power mode during activity mode)… i dont have your router but thats all i have on top of my head that could cause an issue

,… I still do not know how to withdraw my posts.

Thank you for the clarification. I thought issue was with Arrival sensor.

I changed the topic title because “presence sensor” refers to the SmartThings branded zigbee device, and in that case, as several people have already commented in this thread, the issue is usually Wi-Fi interfering with Zigbee signals. But that’s a completely different problem than just losing awareness of the android phone, with a different set of solutions. So hopefully the new title will get more helpful responses. :sunglasses:

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I wouldn’t think the router would have anything to do with android presence. The android presence is not based on wifi, unless you have your location set to networks only. I would suggest changing to high accuracy.

I had intermittent problems with mine. Then I switched to Life360 and have had zero problems since.

It might be totally coincidental to installing the new router, but there could be something else at play that doesn’t have anything to do with you swapping out the router for a new one. The 3 new versions of the mobile app that were released over the last week (2.3.5 thru 2.3.7). Not saying that’s the issue, it’s just that something else could have gone on around the same time. For kicks why don’t you try this. Go into your SmartThings Dashboard and adjust the Location perimeter (make the area slightly larger than it is now). Clear the cache on the SmartThings App, Force stop the app, reboot your ST Hub and restart your phone. I would give that a shot first.


I will try this. I currently use life360 and android presence together. Today i modified my routines and pistons to use just life360.

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new router could be unrelated, as you guess.

Based on some odd WLAN stuff I’ve seen, I’d try turning off the “hidden SSID” attribute and see if the behaviour changes.

Life360 sounds better but I’ve never tried it.

The fact that he didn’t mention that he made any modifications to the phone since this began to happen, I was saving the steps for battery / app optimization, permissions, and location settings until after he performed the steps above if that doesn’t resolve his issue :slight_smile:

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My SSID is brodcasted, not hidden.
Life360 has other problems, it works well for me, but not for my wife.

She travels by train and when the train gets close to my house it changes to arrived and when she reaches the station it becomes away. Then she walks back home, it will stay as departed until a few mins after she reached home.

I have tried the following steps till now.

  1. Restarted the phone.
  2. Deleted android presence from smartthings and re-added it.
  3. Increased the radius.
  4. Cleared cache on the android app.
  5. reset the hub.

None of these made any difference. My wife’s phone didn’t do this till the hub was reset. Now her phone is also behaving the same.
Strangely the issue didn’t happen all last night, but started again this morning.

Ya I dunno. You have read from some how unreliable it is and doesn’t work for some and others, they don’t have any issues, in many threads out on the community. I personally use Android, with a single mobile phone setup, and no other integrations with it and mine works pretty reliably. One thing to check as it was stated earlier, make sure that both phones have High Accuracy turned on for Location Services. In Android we have other things to consider like App optimization that may or may not affect things and app permissions, not sure if there are equivalent settings in iOS. I was looking at another thread from '16 ( I will post below). I will also post a Test that you could setup to determine if it’s a SmartThings issue or specific to the phone(s). The other thread did mention separate accounts for each phone, so I’m not sure what others have experienced around that. Take a look at the other thread and if you can’t find a viable solution setup the quick test scenario at the bottom.

Test Scenario:

Taking ST completely out of the equation, setup two Applets in IFTTT:

Trigger Service = Location
Action Service = Email, GMail, or Notifications

For simplicity sake, just test from your phone right now.

Go into IFTTT and create two Applets:

  1. Select Location for Trigger, Select “You enter an area” and adjust the perimeter to the same size you set in ST. Then select an Action service to send you an email or notification “Your phone has entered the perimeter”.

2 Select Location for Trigger, Select “You exit an area” and adjust the perimeter to the same size you set in ST. Then select an Action service to send you an email or notification “Your phone has left the building”.

If you start receiving messages that you have exited the perimeter when you never left home or multiple entered the perimeter messages via IFTTT (same as ST) this could be an indication that it’s phone related. Leave the Presence setup alone in ST. I would figure that if it’s a phone issue, you would receive one message or push notification from ST and one message from IFTTT around the same time.

Just a thought at trying to help in determining, eliminate or include the source of where the issue might stem from.

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Thanks very much for the detailed instructions. I already have memory and battery management disabled for smartthings. It is not in high accuracy mode though. Life 360 is on high accuracy. I have my wife’s phone and my phone on different smartthings accounts.

I have setup the ifttt trigger last night like you suggested. It has never ran till now. My smartthings android presence says, I have left and arrived 14 times already today. Each time it triggers a departed, it changes to arrived within 2 mins. My wife’s mobile presence reports that she left and arrived twice today. Strangely once when it marked as departed, both mine and my wife’s presence changed at exactly the same time and also the life 360 presence. This has only happened once. All the rest of the occurrences are pretty random and only happen with the smartthings mobile presence.

Is there a way to set some tolerance of 5 mins on the mobile presence where it is only triggered after 5 mins if still in that state? In that case all these false alarms will be captured.

Not sure why this is happening now, I have had the presence quite stable till now with false alarms once in a while.

So you didn’t get a single notification from either of the IFTTT Applets? Did you receive the appropriate Notifications when either of your phones did leave or enter the perimeter (from IFTTT)? Just to completely rule out your phones being an issue, setup two additional Applets using Life360 as the Trigger Service. If the results are as expected there, I would go back to ST with all this information and raise this issue. There are a ton of people who have similar issues. It’s beyond me exactly why this happens for some and not others.

Thanks for your response. Looks like my IFTTT triggers are not working as they haven’t triggered when I actually left and entered the perimeter.

I have currently set it up to add an entry in a google spreadsheet. I have changed it to send me an email now. Will update how it goes… but getting frustrated with all the false alarms at the moment.

SmartThings app mobile presence isn’t great. IFTTT is far worse. I used to have an IFTTT mobile presence boundary that I used to turn my Vacation Mode switch off when I came within about 100 miles of my house. Even at this range, the accuracy was spotty. The applet ran more than once when I was halfway across the country, and frequently showed me leaving and arriving when I was less than 10 miles from home.

Here’s an alternative if you feel like going down a different route…


Thanks very much Chris, I am going to try this. I think my problem is that android is reporting wrong location as in the below thread. Is that’s the case, wouldn’t I still have the same problem with this approach?

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