Smoke Detectors (UK)

In the UK version of Smart things it looks like there is no generic Zwave smoke detector driver. The First Alert Smoke detector is US only at the moment and operates at US Zwave frequencies. I tried a UK frequency Zwave smoke detector from POPP but the Smart things hub only recognises the Siren and NOT the Detector.

Its a similar thing with Zwave switches, a single generic switch is recognised but with a duel channel switch only the first channel is recognised

It looks to me that the generic drivers at the moment are very limited and I do not know when (if) they will be extended

Further to this there is a significant issue with presence Fobs with the V2 version using batteries out in short weeks.

I think this is a great concept, but it still needs a bit of work, hopefully the bugs and extensions for the UK market and generic device support will be more comprehensive over time


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This is as true in the US as in the UK. If you want to ensure products that are not on the compatibility list are going to work you are going to have to create the devicetype yourself, just like we do stateside. If your not up to code, then you probably don’t want to stray too far from this list.

Yes there is, its called z-wave smoke alarm and there is nothing in it about frequency, just commands, and most of the commands are the same among the same class of devices.

Same issue in the US, the switches just aren’t as common but a community created a devicetype for it and it works well.

I had this problem at first too… then i got better batteries… So far the Energizer ECR2032 have lasted the longest.

Has anybody get the Popp Smoke Detector to work 100%

I have a ST v2

I have the same problem with the Popp smoke detector. ST connects to it but only sees it as a contact. I presume when the smoke alarm is trigured, the contact makes and ST sends a message but there is no way to use the Popp as a siren, which it is supposed to do. I will test by burning the toast at breakfast tomorrow!

Any movement on the Popp Detectors please? Was looking to pick some up but it looks unlikely that they will work with ST.

Using a Devolo zwave detector here, which works fine from a trigger point of view. Just have issues with the batter reporting low, even though it isn’t.