First Alert on UK Smartthings

I have recently purchased the following product, ‘First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Cert ID: ZC08-13060006 by First Alert’ and have been trying to connect it to the UK Smartthings V2 hub without success. I have followed all of the published procedures but still no joy. Can you please assist.

Where you get it from? Is it US frequency?

Amazon UK. Imported from China though.

Is there a user manual indicate the z-wave frequency? I suspect it’s different

It uses the US frequency, to work with with a UK SmartThings hub.

See here (click view)

Many thanks for the link. So this is a US device and won’t work in the UK?

It’ll work as a standalone carbon monoxide detector, but not with a UK smartthings hub.

And strictly speaking, it’s illegal to use it in the UK, as it’ll be transmitting on unlicensed frequencies.


Thanks. I will return it to Amazon.

So, if I bought a US hub, I could connect these?


Two problems.

First, the reason that zwave frequency is different from region to region is that local first responder communication frequencies differ from region to region. And the last thing you want to do is to create interference for firefighters or paramedics who are arriving at your home for an emergency. So you really shouldn’t use US frequency of zwave in the UK but even more so for devices which are most likely to be used when first responders might be approaching. :fire: :fire_engine::ambulance:

Second, smoke detectors in the US and smoke detectors in the UK each have a beep pattern mandated by law, but these are different from each other. So guests to your home might not recognize your smoke detectors as smoke detectors if they are using the US sound pattern.

One of the reasons that they are different is because the architecture tends to be different. US detectors come on at a single volume, quite loud, and stay at that level. UK detectors start out low and build up in volume as the pattern repeats. So using a US smoke detector in your home would be against local safety codes in the UK. And vice versa.

For both of these reasons, it’s just not appropriate to get a US smoke sensor and operate it in the UK. Whether it’s connected to smartthings or not.

With the UK smartthings hub you can use the Fibaro smoke sensor if you want something integrated: