SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

Still trying to add additional SmartTiles dashboards. I found thread “Install dashboard instances via SmartThings Mobile App” but when I hit (+) there is no “My Apps” Looked in (+)>ST Labs tab, Smart Tiles isn’t there either. Only thing I see is the SmartThingsLAb tab in the main dashboard,- it has single entry for the current SmartTiles dashboard. Don’t know how to create another. Do I change that one and regenerate a URL? If so wont I lose the prefs for the original?

No, leave the one you got alone. Regenerating the URL will not create another instance!

At this moment, the only way to install additional instances is to install the code into the IDE by yourself. This is a platform limitation, I’m trying to work around it.

Follow the link to install and click “see code”, a few easy steps and you are good to go.

Thanks Alex! Will the instances that are manually added in this manner also receive the code updates automatically? (My guess is no…)

Unfortunately, no.

But I will always try to make updates forward compatible. It should be as simple as copy+paste new code on top of the old…

I have the same setup. The error is harmless, however it should not appear every 10 seconds. I will check.

@ChuckV the only way I know how to get the multiple instance is do the original install via IDE. From there you can go to the + and then My Apps and you’ll see the 5.0, once you configure that and give it a unique name, you’ll have another instance.

@625alex, I know you fixed the iOS issue with the links to other dashboard and prevent the links opening is safari. I found the bug is still there if you lockdown dashboard. The link tiles on a lockdown dashboard still work, but show the open page in Safari.

What does it mean to lockdown dashboard?

I think he just means putting it in read only mode.

I know this is documented quite a few times and I have checked your new web site as well but I can’t seem to get the custom css code to take. I insert a few colour changes where you designate at the end but the dashboard never changes. Maybe what I’m inserting from previous threads must be defined differently now?
Edit - I didn’t use the Web service to install as you make specific comment to custom CSS not working via this method yet. .icon {color:#FFFF00} .icon {color:#00FF00} .icon {color:#990000} .icon {color:#00FF00} .icon {color:#990000} .icon I {color:#990000} .icon {color:#59FF00}

Ahhh! I was wondering why my dashboard links still opened in safari.

It is the View Only Mode under Access and Authentication Tab.

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You can try this: .icon {color: green;}

So you put the dashboard into read-only mode and you tap on other dashboard links.

The links open in another Safari window…

Is the expectation here not to open anything? Or should I just check that it opens the link in the same window?

Not my typical use case, so not sure what’s the right behavior…

In read only mode, the ‘appified’ (add to home screen) dashboards load links to secondary dashboards in safari instead of in the full screen ‘appified’ dashboard.

I just turned off read only on my main dashboard, and the same appified version now correctly loads the dashboard into the same appified full screen window.

This is unexpected, but that aside, should a dashboard in read only mode open any links at all?

I expect it to open the dashboard link like it would if it was not in View Only Mode.

Ok, it will go with the next update.

It should open links to other dashboards for sure.

My primary case is giving a view as to what’s going on in a house without risking turning on the lights on unsuspecting vacation renters with an errant click.


Thanks for that hint. Can’t seem to find the whole list of valid colour options like “wheat” in your repository. Where is this list so I don’t use invalid names?

I have ST multi’s and there doesn’t seem to be a capability for vibration in the SmartTiles selection list. They show up for contact and temp fine. Easy to add?