SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

The list of “named” colors is here:

But you can use any valid HTML colors, such as #112233 or #123 or MediumAquaMarine

Yeah, that’s on my to-do list. Couple of weeks…

I setup the app in IDE for now and pasted in my css and it worked just fine but what do I use for the thermostat?
This works for a presence device:

.presence {background-color: #333333;} 

I tried:

.thermostat{background-color: #333333;}

but that did not work.

BTW, I really didn’t care for the separate heat and cool controls but after you explained it I think it makes perfect sense. I added my heat for now and will switch it out for cool once Maryland thaws out :smile: I think I like them separate better, thanks for the hard work!

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is there support for button devices? i have some virtual buttons and dont know how to add them :sweat_smile:

Try .thermostatCool or .thermostatHeat

Virtual button tiles can be added as “Momentary Switches”. Refer to this listing so that you wouldn’t miss out on other features.

Probably meant thermostat eh?


Would you mind quoting a snippet of what you’re replying to?

I use a text to speech reader and this thread is becoming very hard to follow without knowing what you’re replying to. But I am very excited about SmartTiles!

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Ok, I will try.
When replying to the last post, it does not link with the previous post for some reason.

I’m glad you like SmartTiles and thank you for spreading the word!

It was late in the evening. It’s much worse when you find a typo in Groovy code that’s been in production for months.

@625alex so I understand that you have to handle heat and cool set points separately and present, and that you don’t want to deal with thermostat modes. What about presenting heat and cool in a single tile but have a option to change what you are looking at. i.e. you click on the temperature and you get presented with options (‘Heat setpoint’ and ‘Cool Setpoint’), like mode tiles, this way we only need to have a single tile and then every now and then you can switch between the set points displayed in the dashboard without having to go into the iOS app and take several steps to switch the tiles.

I also never have my Nest on ‘Heat+Cool (auto)’ since I live in Canada where there is tons of snow and i tend to cover up my A/C unit in the winter to protect it from the elements, and I wouldn’t want it to turn on accidentally while covered up.

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This is all true. However this will have to go onto the back burner for a while. There are lots of other priority items on my list.

This worked! Sorry, I thought I tried that but it was late for me too :smile:

This is such a awesome tool!!!

Yeah this is def not a priority but a suggestion for improvement. Totally understand there are probably more pressing features and fixes to be dealt with.

Awesome work…

@625alex is there a way to change the large # in the thermostat tile to the current temperature and the smaller one to the thermostat setpoint?

Thansk for the time and effort you have put into this it is truly awesome and helps alot with the WAF :smile:


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No, but you can add a separate tile with the same Nest temperature sensor.

I have Nest integrated, but I’m unable to add the weather tile. When it asks which device, there is none in the list to select.

Note the default SmartThings Weather Station Tile device type ceased to work today. The popular v2 custom device is not yet compatible with ActiOn dashboard or SmartWeather Station Controller app.

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it works already, started this morning 12 hours after the latest activity