Smartthings v2 hub not communicating as well as v1

Anyone have these issues? I didn’t have any problems with my v1 hub, but upgraded for future capabilities. Now my GE 12720 outdoor plug switches don’t respond consistently. They respond maybe 1 in 5 times. Any ideas?

I don’t think it’s the hub’s local communication, there are poltergeists in the Cloud since Tuesday. Events randomly happening, not happening, being duplicated. Many different devices. See:

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While I have not experienced any of the issues noted in that thread, I have heard of others having these issues. Also, honestly I may just be missing them. I have a V2 hub, and have not experienced in reduction in signal quality, and we are pretty spread out with our devices at various points in the house and outside of the house. Several devices are 200 ft away from the Hub, and they appear to not have any problems currently.

My signal quality is definitely better with the V2 hub, it’s just the Phantom messages that are wreaking havoc.

My V2 is way better at reaching devices.

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