Everything stopped working (April 2016)

I’ve been using smart things for over an year now with no problems that a simple restart couldn’t fix. My orginal hub stopped talking to all the devices I had connected to it (original motion scenser, original power outlet, philips hue hun/light bulbs), so I figured it was time to upgrade to the v2 hub. I removed all my devices from the hub following the directions online for each device. Got my new hub in the mail and had it setup in about an hour, started to add all my stuff back into the system including the new versions of motion scense, arrivial fob. Everything worked great for a few hours than the entire system became unresponsive to any command on the app or from any of the “things”. I rebooted the system and tried again. Same thing, worked for a few hours than quit. I ended up removing everything from the hub and resetting everything back to factory default. went to my local lowes and bought their “Iris” system to give it a try. They didnt offer the stuff I wanted inless I paid for it so I went back to smart things with the same old problems. Can someone please tell me whats going on with my system? Everything is connected correctly and on the same floor as the hub. Green light on the hub is solid.

Avoid using the Smart Lighting app. It seems very broken right now. The v2 Hub mode changes are frequently broken for locally running smartapps. So you might see mode=Home on your mobile phone app, but for some reason the apps running locally still think you are in away mode. So smart apps you expect to run while home actually don’t run, and smartapps that should only run in Away mode actually run when you are home. Smartapps running in the cloud are not impacted by this bug. If you wait a few hours to a day the problem seems to fix itself for a while then come back again as modes change and people come and go.

I just spent the typical 40 hours or so migrating from v1 to v2 hub. Everything is configured for 100% automation, no manual input ever through voice, apps or switches. Migrating devices is easy. All the time goes into setting up smartapps. Not sure the problem is volume of devices or hundreds of smartapp instances, but It’s clear the local processing is broken for now and this takes out smartapps like smart lighting with it.

@techy87 Have you contacted support@smartthings.com yet? What are you seeing in your hub’s event log?

I just migrated 250 devices from a dying v2 hub to a new one, and I’m not experiencing what you are; so please be sure to reach out to support. My devices and apps range from being local to cloud, and I use Smart Lighting for tons of automations. So far so good with those as well. I also use SHM custom rules (and Rule Machine), and those are working too.

What I’ve experienced (that the latest firmware should fix) are zigbee devices dropping off the mesh and not rejoining. So far I’ve had to manually rejoin several devices, but all have stayed on the mesh with the newest firmware on my hub.

There are several things that could be going on with your hub/setup, and ST support is in the best position to see logs and events and tohelp you. Be sure to provide them your email address that you use with the hub, and give them permission ahead of time to access your hub so they don’t have to wait for you to reply.

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I’m in the same boat, about a week ago all of my dozen or so light switches stopped working via SmartApps or from toggling them on directly in the ST app. The only thing still working is the CoopBoss (automated chicken coop door) & that isnt firing on schedule all the time. VERY annoying that 80% of my functionality is now broken.