Is GE Z-wave light switch compatible with v2 hub?

Because I’m running into major issues and am about to throw in the towel and send things piece of shite back to Amazon. Setting up the hub itself and app was easy, but detecting the device took several tries. And the switch seemed to work fine initially. But now a few days into it, it doesn’t turn on at the scheduled time, won’t turn off even though I’m within range, etc. I was hoping I could ditch our home security system and migrate everything to SmartThings, but I’m not impressed so far. Can you help? I’ve updated the app, tried re-installing the device (another pain in the butt).

It’s likely that the switch is compatible, but there have been multiple platform issues over the last week which have caused all of the kinds of symptoms you’ve been seeing. See the following topic (clickable link):

I have at least 20 of the GE switches working in my house; no issues

Even with the new v2 hub? Which app our you using to control them?

I have a 12718, 12722 and 12730 all working just fine with ST V2 hub without the need for any additional coding.

I use them with the Smart Lighting app as well.

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