Hub Update Monday August 15

(Michael Hess) #1

“LAN devices and network connectivity”

Any clarification there?

I see a number of times my hub doesn’t send local LAN packets to my Insteon Hub, Sonoff switches, and H801 RGBW controllers. I really hope this may fix that issue.

(Matt) #2

Add nest thermostat, Harmony Hubs, and Blink camera

(Christopher Herzog) #3

Really wish that these updates wouldn’t be during the day. I am sure someone feels the same about evening updates… lol

(Michael Hess) #4

I prefer in the day, at least I awake to try and fix things!

(Andreas A.) #5

Wait what? There is another v2-only hub update (I did not get any notification for an upcoming FW update and there is nothing posting in the official update section here)? And all of us long-term supporters with v1 hubs still don’t get any of those LAN improvements?

@slagle - any additional updates on how the v1 update is coming along? It has been three months since I last heard something:

(Matt) #6

is anyone else nervous about this???

(Eric) #7

Not me, but this will be my first update.

(Matt) #8

be afraid be very afraid

(Matt) #9

In all seriousness I have not had any issues when they have done firmware updates that I can think of. Other than some apps having issues if the developer has not updated their code to work with the changes.

(Eric) #10

I hope there are no app updates required as the release info doesn’t provide much help.

(Brian) #11

My routines sometimes need refreshing, but if I know about the update ahead of time I don’t hold it against.

(Mark Whipp) #12

I checked my email after reading this, otherwise I would not have known since there is no official announcement here. For those of you who did not get or read it:


On Monday August 15, between 11:00 am EDT and 2:00 pm EDT, we will automatically update your SmartThings Hub to the latest firmware (version 0.15.3). The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes, during which time your SmartThings Hub will temporarily go offline and events scheduled for this time will not be processed.

The firmware update adds general improvements to the Hub firmware and ZigBee communications. The update also fixes isolated issues with memory corruption, LAN devices, and network connectivity.

Thank you,
SmartThings Support

(Aaron S) #13

More technical release notes will be posted in Announcements soon.

I believe we hit a limitation with the onboard memory in v1 Hubs. In all honesty, improving v2 and our cloud experience have been priorities over the past 6 months.

To the best of my knowledge, there shouldn’t be any need to modify SmartApps. Due to wonky (<-technical term) scheduling, this update got tested in both the labs & wild for longer than many others, and we didn’t see a need for this.

(Andreas A.) #14

Does that mean that v1 are being left in the dust despite earlier promises? Why would bug fixes consume that much more memory than the current version? :confused:

(Michael Hess) #15

At this point, with this info and the lack of migration tool still, I think it’s a fair bet to say v1 owners are SOL. But to be honest, and not trying to be a jerk, if everyone with a v1 had just dumped another $100 on a v2, and manually migrated (probably a better idea anyway) they’d be done now. I think the trama of waiting would have been worth that $100! :sunglasses:


They shouldn’t be, there would be new v1’s that were sold last August and September, and those would still be within the warranty period.


Yes but warranties don’t include software updates or bug fixes unless they are completely dead in the water right?

(Michael Hess) #18

Oh I fully agree with you, just stating the apparent realities at this point.

(Bobby) #19

This one hurts v1 and v2 owners alike so we are all SOL.

(Eric) #20

@michaelahess I did just that and am glad I finally did instead of digging further into the sand waiting for a migration tool. With all 160 devices, I took my time and did a slow transition and optimized everything on the new v2. Works great and most everything got to go local…so it was worth the effort eventually.