Smartthings shared iPhone location information with the members

I’m now getting double notifications for location events, and just this notification for ones that don’t have a notification in the automation. How can I disable these new notifications?

To activate [Automation], Smartthings shared iPhone location information with the members of [Location]


Same for me. Anyone know what changed?

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Same for me , on Android … and it seems that it sent the notifications to all the members of the house …

Well this is getting really annoying, really fast. All location members are getting these notifications everytime anyone arrives or leaves. Multiple users at multiple locations means I’ve been getting these notifications all morning.

Anyone had any luck finding a way to turn them off?

Agreed. I disabled notifications all together on everyone’s devices except for mine. No one has patience for this stuff but me.

This just started for my family too. Waiting for the complaints to start rolling in!

following in the hopes of a solution…

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I just noticed for the smarthings app, I can disable the “Provide location information” notification. Is this new?

Where do you see that?

Same here, multiple notifications.

As the only member of my SmartThings I got the same message.
To activate [Automation], Smartthings shared Galaxy note 20 ultra 5g from [name] location information with the members of [Location]

But also at routines, where the condition is e.g. "someone leaves"etc i had my name PLUS the name of my phone. Like :Harry, Samsung galaxy note 20, now only says “harry” without the phone name
When I click on the group icon behind it, I see however my name + phone name.
So something has changed there.

It’s only on android. I didn’t see it on the iPhone.

Good news for Android phones is this turns it off


Are you sure? Doesn’t this kill all my location notifications?

No but the alternative right now is worse

I get it on my iPhone, so it isn’t only Android.

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Very annoying bug. It appears that “Custom Notifications” (SmartThings own terminology for what are actually activity log messages) are now being sent as push notifications.

This is extremely bad behaviour for any Android or IOS app, which should always respect the difference in settings between push notifications (which the user wants to see) and in-app messages (which the user only needs when using the app on screen)

Hope this gets fixed soon

Has anyone reported this to SmartThings, curious what their response is.

Same on iOS/iPhone for me - started yesterday. Don’t think the app updated, so it’s something outside of the app that initiated it.

I did not report to support, I don’t have time to call them and then delete and re-install the app. :slight_smile:

I am the only user. Nice to know it’s shared with me.

I presume the Smartthings boys and girls read this forum

Agree this new notification super annoying, especially to users that are not SmartHome nerds. I don’t want to kill all SmartHome notifications because, because some of my customer notifications are pretty important (leak detection, etc). Samsung…please fix this asap!