Automations using "Member Location triggering twice

Hello all,
For some reason, all automations which use “Member Location” as a trigger occur twice.
This happens with both my phone user, and another phone user.
Strangely, the times that these two events trigger are “the same” (so conditions such as “has been not present for xx minutes” doesnt make a difference), but as shown in the screenshot below they are grouped (ie the event at the top is the same one second from the bottom).
And its not just in the log, actions from these triggers are actually firing twice.
Anyone have any idea how to prevent this double trigger?
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Sincere regards,

Can you post screenshots of the Routines. Blackout any personal info you don’t want to be seen.

Thank you for your reply @jkp
For testing purposes I set up routines like this: