Bug in "Select Members" for Automations

I have trouble getting automations to run automatically based on member presence/absence in the new app. Specifically, I create an automation with a condition based on “Member Location”, and add myself and my wife under the “Who?” condition, then save/enable the automation. At some point the app drops me from the “Who?” condition (my wife is still on there). When I go back to edit the automation my name is replaced with “{my name}'s iPhone”, and of course it is not checked anymore so the automation becomes strictly dependent on my wife being present or absent.

I’ve been wrestling with this bug for months now. Please help!!

Widely reported in here. I can only recommend you report to support@smartthings.com so we collectively tell ST how prevalent this issue is.

Note, I am not convinced the name/device dropping is actually the issue with location-based automations not firing. For example, even when my phone IS still listed in the automation, so far it never fires when I return home. Leaving seems to work. Again, these issues are being experienced by many people but thus far ST have not even acknowledged the problem.

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Thank you for the prompt reply on this!

I was not aware that this issue is so widespread but to be frank I am not surprised either. SmartThings should probably be renamed to “DumbThings” as it’s quite honestly the worst piece of technology that I’ve had the misfortune to work with in this day and age.

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve also had tons of occurrences of the symptoms you described as well, where the automation doesn’t fire, or fires at the wrong time. For example, my wife would leave the house and my alarm would arm, even though I’m still in the house and the automation is specifically set to run when no one is home. I can indeed confirm when logging into my hub portal that my device is showing as away. Interestingly as soon as I open the app and tinker with the settings it flips to “present” and everything is rosy again, until the next eff’up. Worth mentioning I have an iPhone (and so does my wife, though she is still running the old app). So looks like the new app has a bug that prevents it from accessing location from iOS, even though all the right settings and permissions are in place.

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