The "Right Way" to Remove a Location

I am using the SmartThings app version 2.17.1 (1442) and I recently helped a friend get up and running with SmartThings. He added me to his location so I could help with troubleshooting.

Now I am getting alerts for his devices. I would like to either MUTE all his notifications but not my own location alerts. Or just remove his location.

The problem is when I try to remove his location the app says it is going to delete EVERYTHING:

If you delete this location all its settings, preferences, and device connections will be lost…

Is this correct? Is it possible for me to delete everything on his hub? How do I remove the connection from my app and not destroy his work? It is not intuitive in the app.

I just want to remove his location from my app.

It sounds like you don’t want to remove the location: you want to remove a user from the location.

See the official supportbase article:

( and, yes, once added to a location the secondary user has all the same permissions that the original user had as far as deleting things. :disappointed_relieved: )

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Thanks for your response. That’s CRAZY!

Is it possible to mute only the notifications from a location? I don’t want to know that a gate 100 miles away just opened.

Reviewing the FAQ it says:

Shared users can also invite and remove new users, but cannot remove the Location owner or delete the Location.

That would seem to contradict the notification in the app.

Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you about the contradictions, I’m not really familiar with the new app and I suspect that’s where the confusion is coming from. But I don’t know whether it’s because of inconsistent design in functionality or just inconsistent documentation.

Can’t he just remove you from his member list? I added my wife but if I go to the members I can edit, check the box next to her name and remove her if I wanted to.

He can try, but he’s not technical. Seems very odd that I can’t remove myself from inside my app without impacting him.

I am in the exact same boat as the OP.
Had my mom share her location with me so i could get her going. However i had her delete me as a user in her app and it still shows up in my STC app and I still get push notifications from her hub…
Like OP said i could hit delete! but is it really going to kill her whole setup?

Solution! At least for me…

Logged into new smart things app selected the second hub (my mothers) and it gives the option to “Leave” the shared location, not delete.

Where do you see “Leave” I only see Remove.

Make sure you have selected the second hub. Then hit the three dots on the right, hit manage, and it should give you the option to leave. Unless you somehow were set up as an owner…

Jim Bass

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Did anyone find an answer to this? I’m added to a friends location but I can’t see it in the app, but I can see it on the website.

I have the option the remove the location from a browser but as the op says, I get a warning that it will delete her entire set up.