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The "Right Way" to Remove a Location

(Matthew McDermott) #1

I am using the SmartThings app version 2.17.1 (1442) and I recently helped a friend get up and running with SmartThings. He added me to his location so I could help with troubleshooting.

Now I am getting alerts for his devices. I would like to either MUTE all his notifications but not my own location alerts. Or just remove his location.

The problem is when I try to remove his location the app says it is going to delete EVERYTHING:

If you delete this location all its settings, preferences, and device connections will be lost…

Is this correct? Is it possible for me to delete everything on his hub? How do I remove the connection from my app and not destroy his work? It is not intuitive in the app.

I just want to remove his location from my app.



It sounds like you don’t want to remove the location: you want to remove a user from the location.

See the official supportbase article:

( and, yes, once added to a location the secondary user has all the same permissions that the original user had as far as deleting things. :disappointed_relieved: )

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(Matthew McDermott) #3

Thanks for your response. That’s CRAZY!

Is it possible to mute only the notifications from a location? I don’t want to know that a gate 100 miles away just opened.

Reviewing the FAQ it says:

Shared users can also invite and remove new users, but cannot remove the Location owner or delete the Location.

That would seem to contradict the notification in the app.



Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you about the contradictions, I’m not really familiar with the new app and I suspect that’s where the confusion is coming from. But I don’t know whether it’s because of inconsistent design in functionality or just inconsistent documentation.


(Steve) #5

Can’t he just remove you from his member list? I added my wife but if I go to the members I can edit, check the box next to her name and remove her if I wanted to.


(Matthew McDermott) #6

He can try, but he’s not technical. Seems very odd that I can’t remove myself from inside my app without impacting him.