Automation with location notifications

I just recently started getting these notifications. I dont need to get these location share messages when a automation runs. Anyone know how to turn them off?

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Yep, something new ST recently did to annoy the heck out of everyone…

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So no way to turn them off?

Nothing that I can find. I have an open ticket with ST on this problem.

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Well at least I’m not the only one who thinks we don’t need these notifications.

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On Android these specific notifications can be suppressed in the Android settings (either going to Notifications and then to the SmartThings app specific settings, or to Apps and then SmartThings and then Notifications).

I also note that disabling and then re-enabling use of the device location in the app settings requires you to explicitly approve sharing of your location with others. That isn’t new as such but previously the flow seemed different.

I have had to re-enable the location on two phones after this update as presence sensing stopped working properly. That in itself is not unprecedented but it could be deliberate this time.

I also note that the privacy policy was updated on the 18th of this month.

I haven’t seen the notifications myself and I haven’t suppressed them. I handle mobile presence in Rules rather than Routines.

I guess what I am suggesting is that maybe the notifications are required to keep the automations going during a transition period while apps are still updating.

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I also get these “extra” notifications (Android 12 on Galaxy S10) and it’s VERY annoying. All we need from location is the previous behaviour, “Phone is Away” / “Phone is Home” message to show that the status change is working.

SmartThings - if it ain’t broke, fix it until it is

I am also seeing this for every automation that has a presence trigger. There is no way to turn off at the routine level and would have to turn off for the entire app. This has occurred in the past and took days for Smartthings to fix…

" I handle mobile presence in Rules rather than Routines."

Rules? I don’t see that. Where is that?

Basically the engine that powers Routines, Scenes and Smart Lighting, except that for some reason a few particularly useful features aren’t made available when using the Rules directly.

Thank you!

As I don’t see the notification I thought I’d create a test Routine. The notification has a friend …

I also note that the test Routine includes a notification I didn’t put there …

                        "notification": {
                            "custom": {
                                "recipients": [
                                "message": {
                                    "": "MO_PHONE_VXXXX",
                                    "": {
                                        "et": "rule.executed",
                                        "rep": {
                                            "gid": "#{rule.gid}",
                                            "rname": "#{rule.n}"
                                        "rt": ""
                                    "": [
                                            "n": "%1$s",
                                            "value": "#{rule.n}"
                                    "": "#{datetime.yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss}",
                                    "": 1,
                                    "": "#{}",
                                    "": "/{}",
                                    "": 3
                                "recipientType": "DEVICE"
                            "type": "custom"
                        "type": "notification"

So it looks like the Routine itself is the source.

So…noticed this information is not displaying anymore when automations run. I’m guessing ST decided we didn’t need that message after all…

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Second that. Today the shared location notification is back to the way it was and is only showing up in the SmartThings app notification log and no longer an Android system notification. Must have been on the server side…

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