Selecting different member location to trigger automation

I have successfully created an automation that turn select lights on and then off when I arrive home after being away for at least 10 minutes. I would like to copy this automation and then change the trigger to where it runs the automation when my wife returns home after being away for at least 10 minutes.

The problem is, when I copy the automation and try to select her, she isn’t available. It only shows me. She has the app on her phone and her home location has been selected. Oddly, she is available in other automations when a select who should receive a notification. What am I missing? Thanks

It sounds like her app doesn’t have the location sensing enabled for the Location that you share. So that would be in the SmartThings settings (Menu > Settings Cog) under Get your location from this phone. If it seems to be enabled you could try flipping it off and back on as the app is a bit fussier about having permission to share the user’s location than it used to be.


I’ll double-check her iPhone and make sure it’s properly set. Thanks!

I checked her iPhone. Everything looks good now for her “Get your location from this phone” settings. However, when I try and create an Automation, I just see two iPhones for the members. How can I tell which one is mine vs. hers?

Ah, that’s not helpful. On the Android app the phones pick up the Bluetooth/system names of the phones which are easy to change, and they are grouped by the username.

I’ve been assuming your wife uses a different username/email for SmartThings.

Is there a way for her to use a different username for her under our account?

EDIT: Figured out how to invite her as a member.