SmartThings Schema for other programming languages

SmartThings Schema seems to be the easy way to build cloud-to-cloud integration.
However, all the helpers, examples in the ST github are built only for the NodeJS.

Do you guys have plan to make helpers or examples for ST Schema in other programming languages?

I personally need this for Python.
I found pysmartthings from PyPI, which seems like a wrapper for ST API.

I can try to make a WEBHOOK smartapp by using this Python library, but it is way too complicated than ST schema connector.

And I have no idea how to make an ST Schema connector just using ST API.
The documentation for ST Schema only explains about just using the NodeJS library, and nothing about implements.

Since there’s little use case for the new schema, I’m still stuck in the classic groovy smartapp.

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The NodeJS SDK for the Schema Connector just helps you with the format of the requests.
You can create your own Schema Connector and OAuth servers, just make sure you send the appropriate responses to the requests from SmartThings.
I suggest you:

The Interaction result will help you know if there is an issue in the response from your Schema Connector thanks to the error message.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Documents and examples that you provided are GREAT!!
Thank you so much~!!

I’m using Ruby for my smart-app. The most painful part so far was to makes sure you’re handling the x509 signature correctly to verify that a request is signed by SmartThings. Since SmartThings Node.js SDK takes care of this for you on node, you’ll have to roll your own signature verification in python.

You can do that step later after developing in python but it’s a security concern to keep it in mind for later.

A starting point using postman/paw/curl was a great help for me as I made sure all the requests I needed worked before I committed too much time writing the requests and parsers in Ruby.

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