Easiest way to integrate a light from a cloud provider to ST

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My question is simple - I have a light connected to a cloud provider where I send some REST commands (like url/light//turn_on for example) to control it. How would I implement this in SmartThings in the simplest way possible?


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The best way to integrate cloud-connected devices is ST Schema which uses NodeJS and you can send REST commands from there and translate the response into the corresponding capability events.

Here’s a tutorial about how to create a ST Schema Connector, you can use it as a template and add the REST commands:

Please, let me know if you have any questions or need help.

Interesting! What do I do if the lightbulb cloud doesn’t support OAuth? It uses an access token instead.

The sample I shared contains a dummy OAuth server which you can use to handle the OAuth interactions but you can make the call you need from the ST Schema Connector’s code.

There’s another option only if it’s for personal use and it’s a SmartApp Connector, but there are no samples of the device integration, only for automation > Simple SmartApp Tutorial (SmartApp SDK)

awesome! I don’t plan on publishing this connection, so I’ll probably just set my auth token for the light in a .env file. Thanks!

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