Creating Schema App with ST CLI

I’ve created webhook Schema app with SmartThings CLI with following command

$ smartthings schema:create -y -i input.yaml

Content of input.yaml is in format below.

partnerName: Schema Create Test ptnName
oAuthClientId: ''
oAuthClientSecret: dummy2
oAuthAuthorizationUrl: ''
oAuthTokenUrl: ''
hostingType: webhook
webhookUrl: ''
appName: Schema Create Test appName
schemaType: st-schema
oAuthScope: null
icon: ''
icon2x: ''
icon3x: ''
userEmail: ''

I successfully got the endpointAppId, stClientId and stClientSecret as the result of the command above. Also, I can see the content of the Schema with the CLI with the command

$ smartthings schema

But, the schema is not visible in the SmartThings app.
I’ve already activated developer mode in the ST app, with no luck.

When I generate the schema app from the DevWS, then it shows up in the list in the ST app, and fully functional.

but, I need to use SmartThings API (which is identical to ST CLI) to create a ST Schema for my purpose.

FYI, I’m using ST app android version

I believe it is because when we create it from the API, it is not deployed to test, using the DevWS it appears after you deploy it, right?
I already asked the team why is this happening, I’ll let you know their feedback.

Can you provide more details about your use case, please?

I’ve made a Home Assistant custom component, which brings devices from Home Assistant to SmartThings using SmartThings Schema Connector.

There’s a HomeAssistant’s built-in component which works opposite direction. (brings SmartThings devices to HomeAssistant) It creates SmartThings webhook smartapp just by using SmartThings API, and it does not require devWS to deploy. It is made by @andrewsayre.

I hope webhook Schema Connector could be created with SmartThings API, just like webhook Smartpp can be created with SmartThings API only.

Mmm…but this SmartApp appears in the mobile app? AFAIK it isn’t possible to deploy to test a SmartApp either, I’m curious about the setup of this integration, is it done on the HA side or ST?
The team mentioned the deployment to test can be done only in the Developer Workspace for ST Schema as well.

Oh, the smartapp is not visible in SmartThings app, but it is fully functional.

When adding SmartThings Integration in the HomeAssistant, There’s a step where you provide SmartThings PAT, and then it automatically registers the webhook smartapp to SmartThings using SmartThings API.

The homeassistant source code, linked above, is the part that registers smartapp to SmartThings using pysmartthings, which is a wrapper for SmartThings API for python.

It seems that pysmarttings uses undocumented method to activate smartapp, by accessing strongman-regional.api~~ server.
I’m sorry for asking you about undocumented(=unsupported) method.