Schema Callabak API Docs


where can I find some API documentation for the schema callbacks? I’m implementing a new cloud integration using AWS Lambda and looking for the official documentation of the messages format.
I found bunch of examples in the GitHub - SmartThingsCommunity/st-schema-nodejs: ST Schema helper library for NodeJS but I’m considering other languages then JS.

Thank you.

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Welcome, @evra! So glad to hear you’re interested in this kind of integration.
In this document, you’ll find the description of the Interaction Types (Discovery, State Refresh, Command, etc.) and their structure.
However, I suggest you take a look at the sample below, you can configure it and see the requests’ payload as a reference for your new project.

Thank you, @nayelyz . I was blind, the documentation was in front of me all the time :slight_smile: Thank you for the links.

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Anytime, @evra! Remember to mark the post that helped you as the solution. I’ll be around if you have more questions anyway.