SmartThings (Samsung Connect) iOS 1.6.29 (April 8, 2019)

new iOS version is here!

Activity History is now available for devices. something Android users got in their last update.

Except the data is the same for ALL devices. LOL

All my history seems to work post update, devices show their individual data like I would expect.

Seems to show mode changes in the history for all devices with actual device history.

And for devices that gave me an error before when selecting but would still load I now get a blank white screen with no way to navigate back. I have to force close app and restart.

Loading Notifications and Activity from the main History menu is still hit and miss. My last updates as of this post at ~11:32pm are for 6:15pm and 9:23pm respectively with a spinner when I try to refresh…

Still so slow to load devices and respond to taps.

Still useless.

History is hit or miss for me. Some.devixes it works right, others just show automation and mode history. The graphs have the same unit of measure bug as Android(always charts temperature in Celcius).

Z-wave repair is available for the hub now. You can also edit device name and room from the device’s menu now.

Z-Wave replace now available from the device menu.

And I noticed this on the prior version … for my Iris motion and contact sensors the device menu/information says there’s a firmware update yet the IDE says otherwise.

I really hate the new app, but I added some blinds that will only work in the new app and not the classic so I downloaded it a week or two ago.

Twice it has moved all my devices to one room and I had to go back and re-sort them. I also have about 20 devices called contact1 that can not be deleted from the app. They are not associated with any device and why the new app added them when I loaded it I have no idea. .I called support and it was elevated to upper level support and I was given a support number, but that was over a week ago and have not heard a word from them since. Hopefully this new app will fix some of this.

[edit]It still will not allow me to remove these rouge devices. We will have to wait and see on the other stuff.

Google and amazon Alexa have returned to the connected services section in settings.

Has anyone been able to run z-wave repair to see if it completes? Mine starts but never finishes

Still doesn’t work with voiceover navigation. :disappointed_relieved:

And why does Phillips hue “require a hub”? Lutron doesn’t.

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I have that problem on Classic, lol. I can only run them from the IDE if I want them to complete or at least tell me they have completed.

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The scene UI and custom automation UI were updated. Haven’t seen any new functionality though.

I know this is the IOS thread but it looks like the same UI changes were also introduced into the recent Android version too. I appears as though the IOS and Android apps have parity again.

That’s not a bug, it’s part of their re-education program :wink:

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Thanks to their cryptic help doc in the app, I found a new feature. They made it easier to move devices between rooms and hide them from the home page by long pressing on the device

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I have an Automation in the new app that ran fine until this last update. It is a virtual ADT Tools 2 button push triggered by a door locking. That part works fine - the Automation also has a time condition to only happen between certain hours, but it will occur any time of day. I deleted/recreated the Automation but it still triggers any time of day that a door is locked. Anyone else experiencing this?

Modes are visible in the new app, but you have to create them in the classic app. Are modes going away?

You can’t create modes in the Classic app. You create modes in IDE.


I noticed a device’s History list includes entries where the mode changes and the device is involved in some way. The entries look a bit weird as they say “Set Home to Home” and “Set Home to Away”. I guess it’s because my location is called “Home”. The messages would probably be better as “Set Home’s mode to Home” or something like that.