SmartThings (Samsung Connect) UI Update - iOS 1.6.31 (May 2, 2019)

1.6.31 for iOS is here

Activity History for devices appears to be fixed

Replace device is now available for iOS

  1. Temp history charts still show celsius.

  2. Load times for devices is still very poor.

  3. Reaction times to taps is still very poor.

  4. Devices that use custom handlers still load a blank screen for me with no way to go back (have to quit app).

History is definitely fixed and surprisingly quick to load. So far room and device orders are sticking.

Sunset to sunrise for the custom automation creator is fixed, although the descriptions are weird

Is there a fix for this?

Yes, update your custom DTH’s with support for the new app.

In prior versions of the new app my devices with custom handlers did load okay (with a few exceptions). Now most of mine do not and give a blank page. So, updating the handlers as mentioned here is not necessarily a fix. Something else has happened.

I do have one or two devices with custom handlers that are loading okay.

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Tried that. Added the code. Still get a blank white page.

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What devices are you seeing this issue?

It’s a custom DH for control of a Monoprice audio amp. Adding a generic device for the Vip doesn’t cut it unless I’m adding the wrong one. You can Find the DH code here

Mpr6z-zone.groovy. Is the DH at the bottom of the page linked

If you see something different I appreciate you helping.


Some examples. (I am not trying everything as each time this happens I have to force close the app as there’s no way to leave the blank screen. Then reloading the app it takes forever to load status of devices again (another problem)).

  • GE Fan Switch using a custom handler gives a blank screen

  • Aeotec HEM using a custom handler gives a blank screen. I know for a fact this one was loading a few app versions back

  • Qubino Flush 2 using a custom handler gives a blank screen for both parent and child devices. I know for a fact this one was loading a few app versions back

  • Dome water shut off valve gives a blank screen

As an example of something that uses a custom handler but is okay my ZEN15 switches load fine although they no longer show the vibration attribute when at one time they did.

Let’s face it. The new app sucks. They only released it because the new hubs needed setup on it. They knew it sucked.

You should try the stock Z-wave Fan Controller

I’ll give that a try assuming I am not losing any functionality/control. The problem is that will make operation in the Classic app undesirable and until the other issues in the new app are resolved I can’t drop Classic.

Or the z-wave dimmer switch generic which is local

I’m seeing the same blank page issue for a Aeon HEM custom handler I use. At one point it did load a couple tiles. Nothing now.


I am using the Dome Water Shut-Off DTH and I m not seeing the blank. No fair! Why can’t I get blank pages like you :frowning:

Which handler are you using and which version of the HEM? The custom handler I’m using for the HEM (it’s the old one, I think V1) is working fine on Android. I don’t remember which custom DTH I’m using but will go take a look when I get a chance.