No history in SmartThings app

Across all of my devices (z-wave, zigbee and Cloud) there are no entries in the History logs since 12:14 GMT BST. The devices are up to date with their current values, eg temperature readings for sensors, but nothing is getting captured in the History in the app.

Is anyone else seeing this? I assume its a SmartThings server issue. I’m on iOS with the latest app version, although that’s not been updated in the last month.


Update: if I knew what day it was…

No history updates today here, either. Southern US.

I am in the north east USA and my history has not updated since 7:15 AM EDST today.

UPDATE: History is working again 7:45 AM EDST, 4/19/2023. I don’t know when it started working.

That’s the same time as me (5 hours behind)

Thanks, good to know it’s not just my issue at least :sunglasses:

Since 1300 GMT+2, and still the same on both iOs, and Android devices (General History in this case no problem). Not the first time that I have seen this on iOS, I remember posting on this just after the penultimate update.

Now showing up to date after 47.11 update last night.

Same problem here. At beginning, history for all devices were not available. Now, some capabilities are reporting ok. However the history is still empty for all « power monitored » devices. I have called Samsung for support but no luck…. They asked me to reboot my router, reinstall my apps and re-enroll the problematic devices…