New IOS App does not list events

has anyone managed to see events in the new app on IOS? Works fine on IOS in Classic app and on new app on Android. Logged with support and acknowledged as a problem.

You can get a list of everything via the History.option In settings. Hopefully there is an incoming app update that adds it to the device page like Android.

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In History I see a tab for Notifications and one for Activity but both are showing as “no messages” in the new app on IOS?

Yeah, it doesn’t really work for me either. Figured it was the number of devices. Guess not!

Same here. This is one of the features we are most interested in. In my case, the Notifications are populated from a weather report we had enabled, but there is nothing in the Activity log on my iPhone. I will try with an Android device.

… and now it works. Just logged in today and looks like the IOS app has been updated and showing events - nice. Would have been better if I’d had an update from support though? Communication is not good back at SmartThings HQ?!

Users have been talking about the latest iOS app release in the following thread

No issues on mine. It takes 3-4 sec to show on screen. If it doesn’t, I refresh the screen like we do in others applications.

Thanks for the tip @jkp

Thanks @gyzmo - mine now works also with the new app, at last