History Missing

On my Galaxy S9 Plus, The new app reports “No Activity” for History. The old app, on the same phone, reports history correctly. On my other Android devices, the new app reports history correctly?

How do I get the history to report correctly in the new app?

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Same here no history in the new app. Using iPhone on latest iOS

I would recommend sending a report to support@smartthings.com with the screenshots so they can look into it. It’s either a mobile app or platform issue. Assuming that the events are 7 days old or newer since it only shows the last 7 days worth of events.

I will. A little more investigation shows that I had a couple of devices unchecked. After selecting all devices, history works again. If I un-select any device, all of the history shows Not Available.

Unchecked where?

The menu on the History page give an option of Hide or unhide.

Hiding anything makes all of the history disappear.

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I’m having the same issue. While I’m seeing updated history in the History option of the iOS app if I go to a device it show No History or it hasn’t been updated in days. I just moved from Wink to ST on Friday so I’m new at this but it seems I’m not the only one having issues.

I tried going to the History option and turning off the on all of my device switches but that didn’t help.

Since updating to 30.4 the new app has not registered any activity since Saturday May 9 (approx 7:35 pm)on most devices the rest show a fellow laying down(on the job??). I have cleared cache and data with no change. The classic app appears to be solid still. Prior to 30.4 there were devices trying to connect to the new app on my phone not owned by me and I ended up with a Z-Wave Controller added in the new app only, not visible in the IDE or Classic??
With 30.4 I have had some general issues with my Z wave mesh and communicating parameter changes to a couple devices, different MFGs, but multiple repairs seem to fix it. Smart Lighting has been hit and miss, sometimes third time is a charm to get a response, as well as automations. Overall the previous issues I experienced with 30.3 seem corrected and now may just be my mesh healing.

EDIT: Android

I just checked and I’m seeing that also. It appears to have started immediately after the hub rebooted with the 0.30.4 beta firmware. (Android)

To be clear:

I checked a number of local and cloud devices. In the classic app, the Recently tab on the device is up to date with events. However, in the new app the History tab does not show any events since my hub was rebooted on Sunday at 12:15AM to get the firmware update. The values shown on devices in both apps agree; just the log of events is wrong in the new app. The events show up in the IDE.

Also, I have “All” selected for the Activity and Filters in the new app.

(Update: I reported this in centercode)

Same here. I no longer have the Classic app. Events are listed in the IDE but nothing added to the History panel in the new STSC app since sometime late Saturday night (US Central Time zone).

The app works fine, all devices working fine. Just nothing in the history

My history is working. Oh, iOS here with beta 30.4

I am having the same issue with this new setup. Is there any solution for this?

I set up ST and ST classic yesterday for the first time and history was showing in both apps.

Today history stopped showing in New ST but classic ST still records all activities.

In the New ST, the ONLY thing that shows up is the door lock status notification from an automation I set up. All other activities: lights, outlets and camera no longer are recorded in the New ST app.

I’m on Android and the 2nd member on the account has an iPhone with same history issue.

It gets stuck in the new app. If you go into the settings in the log and (I think) turn the first setting on/off the logs will come back. They will get stuck again though requiring this same thing again.

Where?? I can’t find it.

could you list out the exact steps? what log setting?

Same issue since Saturday night.

On the history screen click on the three dots in the right hand corner and select “hide or unhide”. If memory serves me correctly you can then unselect and reselect all events to bring it back. If it’s not all events I do remember it was the top most option in the hide unhide menu

No this time it doesn’t do help, i think it’s either a platform issue or app issue, though I’d lean more towards platform since like @gyzmo said, mine disappeared since Saturday night too, you can see from the screenshot below, after Saturday it only shows automation history, no device history at all:

same here. hiding and unhiding devices did not fix the issue.