Android app update 15 March 2020 - v1.7.45-28

New version of the app available from PlayStore. Some update regarding Samsung 2020 TV integration and SmartView function for TVs.

-History seems to be working again.

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Just showed up as available for me this morning.

As mentioned, history appears to be fixed.

Once again all my custom automation names have been replaced with the long-winded auto-naming based on the “ifs”.

Still getting frequent server error messages on STHM.

Now getting pop-ups asking me to rate the app.

The “Universal Guide” for the TV seems to be staying where I put it on the home page rather than constantly getting bumped to the top.

My fibaro dimmers is offline in the ST app since the new update?

History still has gaps. You can fill the gaps by hide/unhide other messages. History disappears entirely if you uncheck any device.

Dashboard still rearranging itself whenever it feels like it.

Thermostats says checking status on main page (works on IOS)

When trying to add rules for device with multiple buttons, the app closes. (works on IOS)

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Just looked at it and Thermostat setpoint for Celsius with 0.5 steps is still not working. Neither in Automations, neither in the Device.

Device tiles that display the connection status (the fallback setting) are still showing ‘Getting status’ all the time.

This may have started with the previous update as it has been a few weeks now, or it may be a back end thing and not the app. Whatever is causing it, it is annoying.

If you clear the cache and/or force quit, you can see those tiles display ‘Connected’ briefly and then change back to ‘Getting status’.

Update: I wanted to update this post as I have belatedly realised what the problem actually was. One tile was for an Aqara Temperature Sensor that seemed to have picked up a Motion Sensor attribute from somewhere (probably by switching device handlers temporarily - changing the name is a safer method when you want to refresh the metadata). The ‘Getting status’ actually meant the app was waiting for the motion attribute to be set, which never happened. The other tile was for an Aqara Vibration Sensor which uses the Contact Sensor capability. As the open and closed settings hadn’t been set (which ideally requires the Classic app), the app was waiting for the contact attribute to be set. This is presumably why SmartThings written device handlers initialise their attributes.

My tablet running Android 9 did this. Phone in Android 8 does not. I was wondering today if we could find the dashboard config file on the device and back it up. Been busy and haven’t had a chance to look for it yet.

I updated to this new version and it crashes constantly.
I think it crashes when I turn on use phone for location.

The previous version worked fine. I am on a Pixel2 Xl running latest version of Android.
I uninstalled and re installed and it keeps crashing.

Try force closing and clearing your cache. If that doesn’t work you will lose your dashboard customizations but I would try uninstall reinstall.

Thanks i did all of that. Forced closed, deleted cache.
Uninstalled the app. Powered off rebooted installed clean.
When I set use phone location on, it crashes.

I’m thinking your next option is contact support or roll back to the previous version.

There is a new Notice in the app regarding hitting your phone to your TV will start the Smart View function.

Honestly, I have crack on my phone and the TV screen started to be blurry where I hit the corner, but it is still not working for me. I must not hit the TV hard enough.

@prjct92eh2, what is your experience with the iPhone version, how the metal frame handles the hit?

Ok, ok, it was a joke, but I really cannot believe it that anyone in the 21st century would think in the IoT or consumer electronic business that someone who has an expensive Samsung TV and an expensive Samsung phone, would like to walk to the TV to tap (hit) the phone to the TV for any functionality?! C’mon the next great idea will be from someone being bored in an office to use the buttons on the TV to control it instead of having a remote??? Because the idea really suggest that kind of thinking.

And I don’t know how is it supporting people with impairments and disabilities in the 21st century, when that should be the basics. (@JDRoberts, have you seen this feature?)

:joy: that’s a weird one

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It would not meet accessibility guidelines. Just as an example, I don’t have use of my hands and I don’t hold my phone. It is on a caddy attached to my wheelchair. It’s not possible for me to tap it to a television. This is a common set up for people in wheelchairs. Here are some typical setups:

In addition, this would not be something one would normally ask a person who is blind to do. Nor does it appear that they have provided instructions that would be clear to someone who is blind. (And, yes, people who are blind often do have both Mobile phones and televisions. :sunglasses:)

Hopefully they have provided an alternative method.


The other new thing what I have noticed was a pop-up about the Liking the SmartThings app and writing a review. Has anyone else seen that too?

Is it something new or was part of the previous release as well?

The annoying bit was, when I tried to run a scene it has covered straight ahead the icon, so I was unaware that has it ran successfully or not, so I had to press it again to make sure it has ran correctly.

They do rather seem to be assuming that everyone knows what Tap View is. It is just a shortcut to launch Smart View on a few of the 2020 range of Samsung TVs that are NFC enabled. Seems a bit of a niche use case to me.

So yes there are alternate methods of receiving the same result. Whether they are accessible is another matter.

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But why would you walk to your TV to do anything with it, even if it is for your phone? It just sounds dumb.

Perhaps it is intended to work with someone else’s TV like a ‘guest mode’ so you don’t have to be logged onto the network or pair bluetooth?

Ok, I understand your point. But imagine the limited number of use cases.
Is it really a high-end feature what everybody wants? Then why to waste any resources on it?

I really feel sorry for the hardware and software engineers who wasted their time on this feature, which obviously will be dropped for the next generation of devices. (Do you remember the Galaxy S4’s IR blaster? Or the feature to follow the eyes to scroll a page? All gone, and they were not as bad features as this one…)