SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.63 (March 12, 2021)

another iOS update today…

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Seems faster…

History still broke.

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History works on my galaxy s20. Is this an ios thing?

History works on my iOS version.

Just took another look and now it’s there.

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Has anyone figured out what’s new/changed? Update says ‘new features’ and upgrade menu’ but I’m not noticing anything.

wait! are you saying you don’t see all the major changes?


Looks like mode preconditions and presence sensors in automations are working again.


Apparently you are no longer allowed to have the SmartThings Home Monitor tile anywhere but at the top of your Home Screen. I have moved it to the bottom, where I like/want it, on both my iPhone and iPad, hit save, it looks like it saves it and works for a bit. But then later when I open the app again…poof, that tile is back at the top…:man_shrugging:t2:

I can’t duplicate that. I moved mine to the bottom, saved, force quit the app and for me, it stayed at the bottom.

It doesn’t happen immediately after closing and restarting the app. You have to wait several hours or till the next day. I haven’t timed the interval but it has consistently returned to the top for me on both my iPad and iPhone each time at some point in the future.

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After dealing with this issue for over a week on both my iPhone and iPad who new that all I had to do was post about the issue here and it would fix itself…LOL. Only kidding obviously, I’m sure posting about the issue here had no effect BUT, the issue has magically resolved itself…that’s all that maters!

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LOL…spoke too soon. After roughly 16 hours since I moved the Home Monitor tile to the bottom of my home screen, and it being there every time I opened the app in those 16 hours (and yes, I completely closed the app and restarted it several times in the 16 hours) I just opened the ST app on my iPad and poof…the Home Monitor tile is right back at the top. Just checked the app on my iPhone and same thing. Again I moved the Home Monitor tile to the bottom of the screen, and did a save!, on both my iPhone and iPad roughly 16 hours ago. I checked the app several times during that 16 hours and the Home Monitor tile was at the bottom of the screen…weird.