SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta

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I think it was within a week of the hub so may have just got in.

I’m not sure when I used to log in it always said SmartThings, then towards the end of the last porting over it just started saying Samsung. But it still sometimes logs me on to what seems to be a different account without my hub on the IDE

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I submitted a ticket for failed account migration 3 weeks ago, is there a way I can check the status?

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Did you report this in Centercode or email

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Do you guys have a current known issues list? Before I signup, I’ve got a pretty complex setup that would be a royal pain to repair if it gets ‘upset’ during migration…


This is the list from Round one and a lot of them existed in Round 2, but I’m not sure what all has been cleaned up for this new round of Beta testers:

I believe Tim stated that the GitHub repository issue had been addressed already - Worst case you just have to add them all back under settings. Doesn’t impact them already being stored on the SA and DHs.

The Presence Sensor we believe was coincidental and attributed to a Mobile app update during the Beta.

Just a bunch of little nuances. Nothing that should impact your overall setup from a functionality standpoint.

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When you login at and you enter your email address, do you get taken to the next page which says Samsung Account or do you get a different screen asking to select SmartThings or Samsung?

And then after you Login, if you goto Locations, do you see your actual Home Location and then the Second Home Location that got created as part of the Migration process?

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I have the option to select Smartthings or Samsung. I also have 2 locations but the “new” home has no smart hub and requires a code to add it.


You don’t do anything with the new added Home Location (everyone got the 2nd home location), but because you are getting the screen that asks ST or Samsung, that tells me that it indeed didn’t migrate you successfully over onto that account, otherwise it would have taken you right to the screenshot I posted.


This is a very bad thing happening to SmartThings, unfortunately. I will have to move on to another platform if Samsung takes over. their app siply does not work, have anyone seen and tried their Connect or “Smart Home”. They do not work, read their reviews by users who has nothing but frustration. I have few Samsung smart appliances, well maybe appliances are smart but whoever writing that garbage are not.

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Samsung already took over ST.


:joy: Couldn’t resist. If you are going to slam them, you might want to get your own words straightened out first.


Are you still accepting new participants? I am interested… my smarthings & samsung account credentials are exactly same. Not sure if that’s a problem.

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I applied…try to use the link in the top of the thread. Got no answer yet.

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They told me that should not cause issues…


Part of the migration script is manually creating a Samsung account if you don’t already have one created.

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For anyone interested in participating in this beta program make sure you know the risks associated before migrating. I did not do my research and now regret participating. Losing the github connections to all saved repositories really sucks. Not only do you have to go back in and add each repo one by one (of course that’s if you can remember them all) but then you’ve gotta also go back into each custom smartapp and device handler and set the source options to their associated repository. I’d also lost my contact book at the same time. Even though I’ve got it back through a trick learned in the webCoRE community it’s not the same because they’re all messed up with some showing in some places and not in other places plus some not showing at all.

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The github integration was never meant as a means of code distribution. It’s not going away tomorrow but I would not continue to depend on this as a method for keeping community apps up to date. Once we move to the new model this will be rendered unneeded.

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What else could it be for?