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SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta


Thank you for your response, I’ll check out centercode as well. Strange thing with the Alexa skill, is I did that and tried both locations, but both show the phantom devices and not correct full list. I’ve tried disabling the skill. Forgetting all the devices and reconnect everything. Still no go :confused:

Any more ideas?


An Alexa outage with ST was reported last night but supposedly has since been resolved. Go through the bug reports. Most people including myself had success by disabling and reconnecting the skill and making sure to select the Location that all your SmartThings devices are in.

This is a summary of all the bugs from round 1 that I created in the Suggestions put in Centercode. Some of them may have been fixed in round 2. If you encounter any of these issues, there is a bug report for it already created a couple months ago:

Summary of bugs submitted as of 10/17:

  1. Mobile presence no longer working. Android for sure, not positive on IOS (This I believe is the hottest item that is negatively impacting the beta testers)

  2. Additional Home Location being added with migration, even for those without Samsung appliances, and this Home location becoming the default on ST application

  3. GitHub Integration - Enable GitHub Integration button has been reintroduced and those that have pressed, have lost all Repositories under Settings.

  4. Migration banner screen - Some folks have been unable to migrate because they have not received the message in the app.

  5. Alexa Integration - Requires all folks who successfully migrated to disable skill and enable again and login and select the correct (old) location, not Home. Wondering if there are any other integrations between 3rd party products that are impacted because of the 2nd account being created. FYI - This issue occurs even if the same email address and password is used between the ST and new Samsung account. Which leads me to believe it has something to do with how locations are assigned to each account.

  6. Samsung Connect - A few issues reported on functionality and accessibility

  7. Favorites - Looks like 100% of the migrations remove the Favorites from Home Screen in ST App

  8. Widgets - Reported that widgets that existed on IOS disappear after Migration. This appears to be fine on Android (at least on my phone)

  9. Manage Users - This was somewhat addressed with a post about needing to migrate the other users before they would show up again.

If you do encounter any of these above or new issues, make sure to update or create a new bug report. The whole point is so they address these things and get them fixed before ever rolling this out to the general public. If you don’t log them, they won’t know about them.

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(Scott Shell) #145

I can verify that this is still a problem… All of my repositories are gone… it’s kind of frustrating to say the least.

It was already enabled when I logged into the IDE but none of my repositories were there anymore.


Yes 2, 3 and 4 and 5 from above have all been reported in this new round of testing. 4 was addressed by @slagle adding everyone again so that the migration banner appears for all the beta testers being able to kick off the migration process, so that’s resolved.

(Scott Shell) #147

I also had issues with getting stuck on the migration page… which was later resolved but only after uninstalling and reinstalling the SmartThings App from my phone.


Ya, that was also reported as a bug report in the first round. It just didn’t make it into my Summarization of bugs above.


Migration also broke “my contacts” notifications and the ability to login to the ST app on chromebooks


Make sure you guys and gals all log any new occurrences in Centercode, otherwise they will not be addressed. It looks like a portion of the same issues from round 1 are occurring in round 2.

Some of the issues maybe addressed as nuances and not necessarily bugs that can be addressed or fixed by ST. We documented workarounds and manual fixes either in Centercode or out here in this thread months ago. So make sure to search first and find the issue and resolution that we performed ourselves for some of the issues, which I documented some of in my summary of issues up above.

(Tim Slagle) #151

Yup :slight_smile:

(Tim Slagle) #152

Also, keep in mind that while I sometimes check this thread, if it isn’t in Centercode you can assume I didn’t see it.

(Rex Talionis) #153

I know this is offtopic, but are you guys ever going to post the firmware release notes for 19.20? Because the 19.19 firmware thread is locked and I can’t post anything to the Announcements subforum.

(Brad) #154

The only release note would be that 19.20 fixed a potential issue impacting live streaming from LAN video cameras.

(Tim Slagle) #155

We’re looking for more candidates. See the OP for link and details!

(Tim Slagle) #156

(Borristhecat) #157

I’m not sure I’m my account ever ported last time, how would I find out?

(Aesgarth) #158

I’m considering this, will the fact that i already have a samsung account using the same email address as my smartthings account cause any issues?

(Brad) #159

I checked the email address associated with your community account and you only have a Samsung account so there wouldn’t be a migration available for that. Do you also have just a SmartThings account?

(Brad) #160

That should not cause issues.

(Sergio Ferreira) #161

I applied…so looking forward to be selected :wink:


Borris, you joined the community on May 21st last year. Do you know what day you created your Account when you registered your Hub?

If it was on or after 5/4/2017, you would have created a Samsung account I believe according to the first post in this thread. :slight_smile: