SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta

(John Crighton) #226

Hi Jody,

As a former ‘Smart Home’ user (used for my oven as it didn’t work with ST) I have already been migrated from that app to the Connect app, and have some things in there (My oven, a couple of TVs since integration went missing from ST, and somehow my Ring Pro which is in both apps).

Will this be an issue? I have the same account credentials for classic and connect.

(Ricci Hoffer) #227

What as me worried with the transition is that I had a Samsung account (due to S5 and S8+ and Samsung TV) prior to going through the first migration beta. My 2 locations (real and phantom) are down to one in the SmartThings (Connect) app (Still 2 locations in ST Classic/IDE) and my devices are there (50% working and some of the non-working devices are marketplace WWST devices). What is causing my panic is that there are no smart apps or anything else anywhere in my ST (Connect) app, only devices. My fear is that my migration was incomplete.

(Mark) #228

Thanks Jody!

Why did someone not say this at inception!

What about custom DH’s? Most of my devices run on them and are simply unavailable in the new App. What will be the process of using them in the future? Will the IDE still work as it does now? Apologies if this has already been discussed. Thanks.

(Dave) #229

Some hope yet. I got the following reply from Support…

You will be able to access your SmartApps in the new SmartThings app. Custom commands and attributes, self-published devices, however, are not currently supported. We understand how important these features are to you, and are working to enable those in the new app. For now, you do not need to do anything. Use the SmartThings Classic app as usual. We will let you know when your features are ready to be transitioned to the new SmartThings app.

(Brandon) #230

This IS comforting and I can’t really disagree with the normal user comment. I manage my parents account as well and it requires much more of my time than I’d like because they fall into the normal user category and it takes more than a phone call to set up what they need.

(T1tentrum) #231

Do you intend to create an advanced mode to be able to change Z-wave device parameters , create z-wave association groups or scene. Currently, I use Z-WAVE TWEAKER. This allows me to create automations and groups that can work locally without internet. Like the COOPER 5 buttons or the FIBARO KEYFOB.

(John) #232

What about those of us who had to create both a Samsung and Smartthings account? Will those be able to merge? I have me ST account but had to recently make a Samsung account in order to use my Powerbot that was only supported through Connect. Really looking forward to what you guys have in-store for us with the new app!

(Mark) #233

Makes no difference, I had a Samsung account before due to having the Galaxy Phones and would bet that the majority on here had/have the same. I believe they recommend to use the same email address for both though.

(Craig) #234


I would also like to know the answer to this as well. Look forward to receiving an answer soon, as most of my devices work of Custom DHs.
Given the limited nature of the Smartthings own versions (Fibaro Dimmers etc)


Wait…how many “normal” people do we have here…could be a problem🤪

(Jason) #236

Anyone else no longer able login to the ide? I keep getting redirected to a Samsung account login which I don’t have and can’t get into my ide anymore.

(Marc) #237

fine here for the ide, logged under ST

(Victor) #238

I accidentally installed the new app and now every device is missing from the Classic app. What do I do?

(Jimmy) #239

Check your location in the settings in the classic app. May have created a new one and switched to it.

(Dominick Barile) #240

Has anything been said about how we are going to transfer our devices & hub to the new app. I have not seen anything like that & I’m not looking forward to resetting everything.

(Jimmy) #241

That’s precisely what this beta is for. Once it’s released you will get an alert in the Classic app.


I’m in the same exact boat. I had a samsung account already when I got my smarthings hub so I created my smartthings account using the same email and password.

(Jane) #243

OMG! The ST “Classic” app has gotten sooo sloow!! Anybody else having this issue?


Mine no longer works and I didn’t sign up for anything :frowning:

(jkp) #245

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