SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta

(Dominick Barile) #206

Hi guys. I see b ith apps have been updated but I thought everything was suppose to transfer from classic to the revamped connect app? I have the & password for.both accounts. I’m hoping I don’t have to disconnect all devices and repair them with the new app.

(Mark) #207

I sure hope not, well not in the near future anyway. The new app is useless IMHO, if you take a look at it you will see exactly what I mean.

If they kill the classic app before all functionality is moved across then I am moving to another platform. However I do feel this is inevitable anyway based on the new direction they are heading with ST. We will have little to no control like we do with the current system/setup.

(Jane) #208

So it seems that the new app is out. I downloaded it but it seems that I have to setup a new account. I am wondering if we already have a ST developer account, do we have to setup a Samsung account? And if so, how do I get all me DTH’s, smartapps, virtual stuff over. I don’t want to do this all over again!


You will need a Samsung account, period.

I would not do anything until they force the migration upon us.

The communication that has gone out for this in th ST Classic app and the generic email updates that ST has sent out is poor.

The judgement that was used to begin this migration process is really bad. Having both apps coincide side by side is one thing, but their methodology, well it doesn’t matter that I disagree with it.

Bottom line, for now, to keep yourself out of trouble, continue running SmartThings in the Classic app as you have been doing and wait for them to give you 3 hours notice to perform the migration to the new App.

@slagle - you have had to see the 15 different topics on this over the last week. Who thought this was a great way to introduce this to the ST customer base with these emails and inserted notifications into the classic app?

I roll with what you guys do, but the way this is being rolled out is creating more pandemonium because people don’t know what the heck they are supposed to do. Telling them to update or install the new app when it isn’t even complete. They see this and think that they have to install now, not even knowing that they must first create a Samsung account to do so. Then when they do, their accounts are jacked up with Home locations.

I thought when the migration was ready, people would simply be notified by email and then they would be presented with the Migration Banner in their current ST Classic app to cutover on a specific date. Instead you guys have created mass hysteria for people and they have no clue what they are supposed to do. Just my thoughts.

"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" App
Just got a push message to my iPhone telling me to try the new App
(Dominick Barile) #210

I thought all devices setup would be transferred over to the new app? I hope everything does not have to be repaired.

(Nathan Curtis) #211

Well said. They’re even getting some of the diehards to second guess the platform at the moment. All I can imagine is someone up at Samsung laid their foot down and said “I don’t care - get it done”


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #212

Which could actually be considered refreshing from the perspective of many ST customers.

SmartThings Hub V2 ran months behind schedule - twice! When it was released, it was (and still is) missing critical expected features, but still created a huge boost in sales.

Samsung announced the new SmartThings Cloud and App consolidation just a few months ago at SDC in San Francisco. For management to choose an aggressive implementation of this is not a surprising strategy.

Whether or not it is efficient or wise, is an entirely different issue.

(Nathan Curtis) #213

How true, Terry. Funny, my wife says that to me all the time.


I’m hoping that it will be a “refreshing” experience in the end.

The problem, once again, is how they are going about getting it there. That’s something that they either have too many hands in the cookie jar and don’t know what one hand is doing, or the powers that be upstairs, have very poor judgement each time they roll something out with a major impact like this.

I think in the end it will be welcomed, but their A-Y approach is and has always been poorly laid out. Here’s Z would be so much better than what they have wound everyone up over the last few days with so much more confusion in emails and app updates.

(Brian Harding) #215

They will wait until your first day of vacation and you are 1000 miles away to force an upgrade which will mess up everything.



You forgot, and it will be a Friday.

(Brian Harding) #217

LOL and probably the 13th.


(Brian Harding) #218

This reminds me of when I was a child and my mom was trying to make me take my medicine. I knew it would make me better but Damn, did it have to taste so bad!


(Brandon) #219

Well this is terrifying. GitHub integration was one of the better features ever released and now you are going to throw it away in favor of certification that never happens?


This is really a terribly thought through answer. You should be embracing some of the happy nuance that occurred, not shaking your finger at it.

(Jason) #220

8 days an no clear cut answ…or rather NO ANSWER AT ALL? We deserve better than this.

(Jody) #221

There is a note in both apps that says if you are a current SmartThings user to continue to use the SmartThings classic app. We are not going to take anything away without a proper replacement.

  1. If you have not done the migration, don’t create a Samsung Account just to try the new app out, it’s still not fully feature complete
  2. If you are on anything but a Samsung Galaxy phone, you won’t get the new SmartThings without asking for it.
  3. For existing users: Please don’t try and move to the new app yet.

It is our fault that so many people use the github integration the way they do. My point was and continues to be that we did it wrong. A normal person should not need to have a github account in order to get a community app. It is our intention to make community apps more discoverable and easy to install without the need to jump through the current hoops. The current IDE, community apps, etc will be around for a while until we have a truly better replacement for them. This community is important to us and we are listening to you.

Just got a push message to my iPhone telling me to try the new App
"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" App
(Jason) #222

Thank you @jody.albritton THAT is exactly what we needed to hear. I think this will calm everyone down a bit. I have not and do not plan to use the new app until it’s been tested and verified (and would really like to suggest our old setups are backed up). The migration from v1 to v2 was a nightmare so I’m going to be overly cautious for any future moves within the SmartThings ecosystem. Thanks again.

(fightingmajor) #223

Is the one in the App Store (the non classic version) for iOS different from the one you have to ask for? If so, I’d like to ask for the new app.


He didn’t mean literally ask for it. Both apps are in the store.

(Jody) #225

To clarify, I meant it would not auto update you to the new app without asking for it explicitly. If you are on IOS or Android that is a non Galaxy phone, you won’t have have the old connect app by default and you will not be auto updated to a point where you have two apps called SmartThings. You will continue to get updates to the SmartThings classic app for a period until we have feature parity.