SmartThings/Samsung Account Migration Beta

(Jane) #246

Same with mine! Alexa says ST not responding. The app just doesn’t open. Way to go ST! Can’t do my night routine. Had to turn the lights off physically and now they won’t come on in the morning because they are off.

(Jordan) #247

Same here, alexa not responding was how i noticed as well. Can’t seem to login to the accounts page or app - it just doesn’t take my email. I suspect my smartthings email may have matched my samsung account already, not sure, but yeah, not sure what’s going on. I never migrated my account but i suspect i may now have to…

(jkp) #248


Same here nothing is working. ALL things Smartthings just stoped!

(Jimmy) #250

Really need a message for every new user when they register to go to to sign up for alerts


I am unable to access Smartthings via either the IDE or the mobile app. None of my automations activated this evening even though the hub has a green light. Rebooted the hub to no effect. It does look like Samsung is having issues in North America. Hopefully they’ll get things cleaned up soon. I do remember problems with the daylight savings time change nearly every time this has happened in the past few years. Maybe just a coincidence.

(Jane) #252

@prjct92eh2 thanks for the link to the status. I didn’t know there was such a thing. ST seems to be up now. I can get into the app but I can’t access Routines or apps inside of ST app.

(Brian Harding) #253

When I try to edit a routine it tells me that I am not authorized to do that.


(ilker Aktuna) #254

is this still in “beta” ?
I have the new Smart Connect app and I still can not see my devices in it.


Were you in the beta?

The migration of SmartThings accounts to Samsung accounts has not happened yet for the general public, unless you are in the beta or went thru one of the previous beta phases of this.

If you were not in any beta for this, I recommend that you do not do anything with the new app at all. Do not try to add devices or anything other than browse thru the application. If you start messing with it, you could impact things in your SmartThings classic app. Be forewarned.

When they are ready, you will receive an email and also see a migration banner page in your current app. This could be months away.

(ilker Aktuna) #256


actually I wonder something:
I am not currently a US resident and my Samsung account profile does not show smarthings hub as a device to add (even manually)
When I switch to a profile registered in US, Smartthings hub and other devices appear as devices that can be added.
Now if this app does not support non-US profiles, what will happen with my Smartthings account ?


This email was sent last week. Just informational:

For now just operate as you normally have and leave the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) alone. A lot of people started messing with things and created bigger issues for themselves with their current environment in the current app, so I just wanted to warn you to leave it alone so you don’t end up with the same mess others created for themselves.

I am running them side by side (I was in the first round of Beta). You aren’t missing anything in the new app. it has a very long way to go before it’s complete. :slight_smile:

(Devesh Batra) #258

i downloaded the new Smarthings Apps to look around as i already have a different Samsung account.

Did not see Skybell listed in the app, only Ring

Are there plans to add Skybell integration to the new Smarthings App ?



This is the thread for the Account Migration Beta. I doubt you are going to get an answer from any staff member as to what it will or won’t contain but you would be better off posting your question in the following thread:


Again, the app or backend is nowhere near complete. Wherever SmartThings is supported, if you have an account created in that country, I’m sure it will be supported as this new app is going to eventually replace the SmartThings Classic app entirely. I wouldn’t worry a about it right now. When they begin making announcements that it is actually going to happen, then you can raise that question if it hasn’t been implemented by then. Even when they go live, the Classic app is going to still be there until they get every piece of functionality available in the new app.

(Mark) #263

Actually I do not think you understand!

This is the Beta Thread, people on here had their accounts migrated MANUALLY for the BETA! If you were not involved in the beta then chances are your account will not be ready for the new app.

I myself was on the beta and only about 5% of my devices are available in the new app, so as stated above you are really not missing anything at this point.

The new app is no way near ready for use and when it become so then all other active accounts will be migrated over to it.
You will not be left in limbo, all accounts will be migrated over time.

If you really are concerned then drop an email to support with all the details and see what they say but posting on the BETA thread will not get you very far :slight_smile:

(Jimmy) #265

Ilker, all users pre may 2017 are in the same situation as you, no matter the country. If everything works in the Classic app, then it should work in the new app.

(Mark) #266

@mrmrmrmr you really need to chill a little :roll_eyes:

I do fully understand!!! I am NOT in the US either and do NOT have a US account but I was part of the beta and my account was migrated without issue!

But AGAIN… this is the Beta thread! As has already been mentioned, if you are that concerned then sending support an email will be your best option. Voicing your concerns in this thread will not get you anywhere.
Also do you really think that ST are just going to drop all non US users?!?

I will also say again that this whole process is in its infancy. Over time all accounts will be migrated.

(Mark) #269

What am I missing here!

All users have been told to not try things with moving accounts etc. They are in the process of configuring everything, at the account end, the app end, the cloud etc.

There have ALWAYS been some differences between US and non US accounts etc. this does not mean that they are suddenly going to drop all non US users lol, I mean, I really cannot even believe that even crossed your mind tbh. However I am at a loss as to why you are even trying this after all users have been told (AFAIK) to hold off doing anything. Creating accounts etc. may put you in a worse of position when it actually comes down to the ST flicking the switch on your account.

Just give it time, I believe users will be notified when the time is right but there is a long way to go, the app is useless. Once they have all ‘Things’ with Custom DH’s and the intended integration all working then I am sure they will start to look back at migrating all non-US accounts. From experience this will probably be a while after all US have been up and running for a while…


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