Smartthings Roomba Control via Thinking Cleaner Version 1.5.1 Released

I’ve been able to get Roomba control via Thinking Cleaner. Posted below is the device type and smartapp and is easily scheduled like any other light switch. If you have a roomba and if you want your roomba to automagicly clean your home after everyone leaves this is for you!

Support for this device\app is by donation only:

Thinking Cleaner:
Device Type:
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Install Help:

This device and app have been supported by:

@ero4444, @pmusselman, @jgagnon5541, @ultrazero @schapper05 @Benji
Thank you for your support, It means a lot to me!


I’d love this… sadly, my Roomba is too old to support it. And with two dogs, I need a higher end model designed for pets… which means $$$$…

Some day… Some day…

Nice job!

Thumbs up for you man! Really awesome!

Wow! That’s really awesome! It’s great to see developers trying to integrate new products in Smartthings!! :smile:

@sidjohn1 - Very cool. If I am reading it right, this will work with the 552 Pet Series Roomba but it replaces the timer/scheduling functions. Is that right?

There are 2 editions one for all 500/600 series and one for all 700/800 series. I was able to pick up one of the 500/600 series and code with it before they went Kickstarter. Yes it will work with the Roomba 552. It comes with a slick web interface and JSON/XML API for scripting. It completely replaces any timer/scheduling your roomba may have (mine is not that high end)

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Does this mean I can start the Roombas remotely, watch them thru house cameras, and chase my wife around?

hm $135 per Roomba and Kickstarter is not looking like it will make goal. I think she’s safe.

It’s interesting to imagine the house automation directing navigation through the house. “Roomba2 go left then forward 20 feet and vacuum the foyer. If I see you leave the foyer then I will send you back in, unless your battery is low. Then I will direct you back to dock.”

That’s Jetsons.

I created the device type and smartapp but when I try to create the device using the Thinking Cleaner device type I get the following error:

500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Fri Dec 19 23:58:06 UTC 2014
Cannot invoke method tokenize() on null object

Any ideas?

odd, “tokenize()” is not even in my code for for the device type. have you tried deleting the device type and adding it back in?

ok, so i figured it out. I was over did trying to get deviceNetworkId set. comment out or remove the installed method and it should work fine

//def installed() {
// log.debug “Installed with settings: ${settings}”
// def hosthex = convertIPtoHex(settings.ip)
// def porthex = convertPortToHex(“80”)
// device.deviceNetworkId = “$hosthex:$porthex”
// log.debug “The device id configured is: $device.deviceNetworkId”

@sidjohn1 im still getting error messages when i try to copy and paste your device into ide. this is the error message that shows up my friend.

Groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script1421687803694807658574.section() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, script1421687803694807658574$_run_closure1_closure2) values: [Monitor This Roomba…, script1421687803694807658574$_run_closure1_closure2@68c3387a] Possible solutions: getLog(), setLog(java.lang.Object)

It looks like you are pasting the smartapp as a devicetype. Try creating a smartapp and paste the thinkingcleanerer code there(2x er). The thinkingcleaner code is the devicetype(1x er).

Interestingly, I was just thinking about this Roomba control except, for the Neato. I am hearing that the Neato might work better for pets. (And I have two larger dogs that create quite a hair mess). Seems no such thing exists for Neato as of yet…

@sidjohn1 Looks like your right :smile:. Thanks man I got it now. Now all that is left is getting the thinking cleaner and a roomba haha. Btw how are you liking your roomba with your integration? How do you have yours integrated? Do you have yours vaccum when in “away” mode? Thanks

Awesome, good to hear… Personally i love the integration, everyday when i come home it feels like I’ve come home to a cleaned house. Right now i have it cleaning everyday when in away mode. I have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs and i empty my bins once a week. My carpets and floors have never been this clean.

@darrylb I settled on roomba after much research. In a nut shell both the roomba and neato are great vacuums, roomba just has a random approach and neato has a very ordered approach and some cooler tech on the inside. *EVIL GRIN* if you’re OCD and clean = those perfectly straight lines then neato is absolutely the way to go. In the end I felt the biggest advantage roomba had over neato was the developer community. :wink: you can always get one off amazon and try it out for a week and return it if it doesn’t work out, i think you might just like it. I have a 600 series and it cleans better than my dirt devil upright. Yes, a Kirby, Rainbow or a Dyson will probably beat out a roomba on weekly cleanings, but its hard to beat a roomba cleaning daily and even harder to beat it when its done when you’re not home :smile:.

@sidjohn1 alright haha you sold me on buying one again. Well what is a good price nowadays for a 500 or 600 roomba? and how much is the thinking cleaner faceplate? I like the idea of having it vacuum when in away mode. There is possibility for integration with presence, time, etc that can be created right?

Is there anything else this does besides cleaning when gone? Love my roomba’s but the scheduler isn’t horrible. Never hear it on weekdays and I kinda like hearing it on the weekend. Reminds me to empty it. And when ones on and the others not it reminds me it got stuck somewhere. If there was an alert when full, stuck, error code, etc maybe it would be a good addition. Daily cleanings are amazing in what they pickup regardless if you just cleaned.

Thanks @sidjohn1 - I actually have a Roomba Sage, from way back when. Its a pain to clean when you have 2 mid-sized (50lb) dogs that shed non-stop (Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd). I think the Neato was reported easier to clean, but then again, my knowledge is from a (I think) Gen 2 Roomba, and they seem to be near Gen 8? Worse yet, the Golden when she was a puppy thought of the Roomba as a toy… so it has a few good teeth marks… I almost need a webcam mounted to it, just to watch the dogs destroy the expensive vacuum…

I just cant choke the 300+ at the moment, with buying new furniture and “smartening” up my house regularly.

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Good idea, I’ll work on push error handling in the next update, i might include sms too…

Hi all. I’m very new to SmartThings. I don’t even have a hub yet! I’m trying to get a head start on setting up the app though. I’ve recently purchased a Thinking Cleaner and am excited to get it integrated into my HA system.

I’ve copy and pasted the full code for the device type and the smartapp and now I’m trying to add the device to my device list. I’m getting hung up on the Device Network ID. Where do I find this for the thinking cleaner? Do I need a hub to get this integration to work? (the hub is on it’s way)