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THanks for the reply. It looks like they are coming. Still a no name so a little concerned, especially for the purpose.

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Has Nortek’s new switch cover been submitted for SmartThings compatibility testing?

This is a new Zwave device, battery-operated, that fits over an existing switch. The intent is to let you leave the power always on to smart bulbs while controlling the switch with Z wave.

I want this! :sunglasses:

I know it’s big and ugly, but it solves so many problems.

Has there been any talk of integrating with Angee?

I know it is not out yet, but I really think there is a need for this type of device. If it could integrate with SmartThings it would make my life complete.

Can’t integrate with something that doesn’t even have certifications yet.

Community discussion of Angee here (this is a clickable link)

The Roomba would be nice so it can talk to the motion sensors letting them know that it’s not a human so keep the lights off. I could also use an away from home feature for automatic scheduling, and a returned home rule to tell the Roomba to finish early. Or other features like vacation so the whole house can easily be configured with one simple status and the roomba doesn’t keep cleaning the same floor the entire time we’re away.

Some members have some models of Roomba working with Smart
Things via an additional device. See the following thread (this is a clickable link)

I want to vote up the WeMo Maker - this thing is the easiest Garage opener you can get your hands on, all it needs is a pathway to leverage the fantastic ST logic for presence based door control.

It has an IFTTT channel, doesn’t it? So you have already indirect integration that way. :sunglasses:

It sure does, but the solution is all outside of ST. Right not I have IF opening the door when I arrive home.

It would be WAY better if I could leverage the incredibly clever ST logic that already is set up to manage doors based on their current state - IE close if it it’s open. It would instantly give you the most intelligent garage door ever: Open when you arrive, close when you’ve been gone for too long, etc.

The purpose built garage door openers are dead simple and work natively.


UL tested.

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Sure, but the point is that SmartThings has an IFTTT channel as well.

So you use all the ST logic you want inside ST. It’s just that for the last step instead of communicating directly with the WeMo maker, you turn on a virtual switch. You use that switch going on as the IF for IFTTT and the WeMo Maker as the THAT and they’re linked.

If, as I personally would suggest, you get the purpose built garage door controller off the official “works with” list (manufactured by Nortek, but sold under several different brand names including Linear, gocontrol, and one of the Nutone models)

You could still use the same method to connect to your WeMo maker for other purposes. Actually, use the same method to connect to pretty much anything that has an IFTTT channel–it’s one of the very powerful open platform features of SmartThings. :sunglasses:

I submitted a similar idea to quirky but they didn’t like it.

Most likely because it wouldn’t meet UL listing requirements for garage door controllers, and without the UL listing Home Depot won’t carry it.

The garage door control on the official " works with SmartThings," the Linear GD00z is UL listed and, as @codytruscott says, works well. As does the Tellguard ( also UL listed.).

Ohh no, I got the wrong thing? What purpose built opener works well? I can repurpose the maker for loads of other things.

Ahh thanks heaps - I don’t know about virtual switches, I can just see in IFTTT that inhale bunch of predefined triggers from ST.
Thanks! I’m off to learn about virtual triggers.

I mean for the light switch cover.

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I would echo what others are saying re: add Chamberlain MyQ. Also, Dropcam/Nest camera and Honeywell internet capable thermostats beyond the one already on the list.

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ANY duplex receptacle with added USB charging ports

Would love to see the following devices available to connect to using SmartThings:

  1. Pentair ScreenLogic, which is used to control pool equipment.

  2. Nest.

  3. Liftmaster MyQ.

  4. Foscam cameras.

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Salus 500ITBM Thermostat