Anyone using a robot vacuum cleaner?

Anyone using one like the Roomba or samsung power bot? Less concerned about integration more concerned about if they really works or not.

If you use one, what model and what do you think? If you have it integrated, how and what are your automations?

A buddy of mine has a Roomba and loves it. He has two dogs and it starts while he is at work and sucks up the dog hair and kid crumbs of the floor. Think of it accomplishing the same as a Swiffer duster versus a full blown vacuum. It buys him time between cleanings and keeps the hardwood floors clean.

My 2 year old drops cheerios all over the place, I need a good solution a large 800 sqft area with hardwood.

I have three Roomba’s 2x870’s and 1x650. All are using the Thinking Cleaner WiFi module and @sidjohn1 's DTH:

Works great, I use Smart Lighting to kick them all off once we all leave the house but only if it’s morning and only on weekdays. When I get home I empty their bins and repeat the next day :slight_smile:

I’m worried about this. I am very tempted to get one and I feel like I’ll end up with 3+ if they work…

Oh yeah totally and if you time the 650’s right at BB&B you can pick them up for about $300 each… In fact, technically I have a spare Thinking Cleaner WiFi module…

I have the Neato Connected, and it works great! Not integrated it with smartthings yet, but I think I’m going to

I have 2 Roomba 600 series with the ThinkingCleaner wifi attachment and using sidjohn’s device type. They work great, and like a previous poster I turn them on when everyone leaves, and at certain times on certain days of the week

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Does anyone know how the Samsung Vaccum robots integrate with SmartThings?

It is available in the ST App.

Note the website says… The first-generation SmartThings Hub (Hub v1) does not support Samsung Digital Appliances.

I wonder why that is the case? I wonder if they are leveraging the BT or something.

I have two Neato D85s and love them they have done so much for getting the dust out of the house jsut by running once a day.

I have a Dyson Eye 360 and I have to say that it is amazing. When I first got it I used to sit and watch it.

I put the machine on one floor when I take the dog out for a walk in the morning and another floor when I take him out in the evening. My house is 3 floors so that’s a full clean every 1.5 days.

The Dyson does a great job. The only thing I would say that it doesn’t do well is the very corners of the room. It’s quite conservative around curtains, probably so it doesn’t get caught in them. So I still get the broom out once a week to do the corners.

As an early adopter I’m quite used to buying tech that’s cool and being slightly disappointed by it after using it… But it just hasn’t happened here.

Whatever the brand, I think once you have a robot hoover you’ll never go back.

I have a 780 and it’s great. Runs around 2 times a week on the hardwood and carpet and is usuallyfull as we have 2 cats and associated fur. Haven’t thought about integrated it as I don’t perceive much benefit over being able to schedule or turn it on/off; it’s autonomous.
Maybe there is a positive spin on doing this?

For those of you using Thinking Cleaner, did you get it from Amazon or the Thinking Cleaner store? Somewhere else? Amazon doesn’t have it in stock right now…

I’ve thought about this a few times, do I need to automate them since the built in scheduler can do it but I like the fact that I can automate it to prevent it going off when I don’t want it to, for example in my scenario above, if I take a day off during the week I don’t want them going off in the morning if I am still asleep and my ST automations will do that.

Additionally I can trigger them remotely any time if I want to and see their status, get notified if one gets stuck although sure, there’s nothing I can do about it but I’m one of those people that likes to monitor everything.

Always from the Amazon store, it comes back in stock every now and then, I think CamelCamelCamel can keep track for you or Amazon can do it.

I signed up for ().

I signed up for a service and posted the url here without a referral code but it was marked as spam by multiple people so now a 1.5 year old post will no longer help anyone as I’ve removed the url.

I’ve got a Neto, works great, definitely better than my old roomba. Not connected though.

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I picked up a roomba from costco a few years ago (not connected to ST)… It works great on my hard wood floors. When this one eventually breaks, it will be replaced with another robot cleaner.

it has to do with the firmware capabilities of a v1 versus v2 Hub. Basically, the v1 Hub does not enough memory/power to update with the necessary LAN protocols (also why v1 cannot connect with video cameras).

The Samsung Powerbot is a cool integration… you can schedule it to only run when you are away so it doesnt become arya underfoot.

We have a Roomba and absolutely LOVE it. I haven’t vacuumed in months.