SmartThings and Amazon Echo (Using ASK)

That’s an awesome use case @zj4x4 ! I will be noting that one for when I get a Roomba. Do you have to use the Arduino shield for that or will ST talk directly to the Roomba?

Errrr… nope. That’s probably what I missed. I’ll go looking for that now.

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It will be on the GitHub page

Got it. Thanks.
It seems to be working again aside form the issues that ST is having right now.
I can’t believe how dependent I’ve gotten in just a few short weeks to being able to have Alexia control things.
You’ve created a monster :wink:
Thanks again for all of your hard work.

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@zpriddy I’m guessing there’s no way for us to add phrases which do not match the syntax in your utterances file because you have a service which is parsing expected inputs (like turn/switch/set/etc and on/off/good morning/etc) into defined actions to ST. As a specific example I wouldn’t actually be able to say exactly “Alexa, tell the house to clean up” where “the house” is my invocation name and “clean up” is the name of my roomba device because your service would need to know the actions and states that I’m trying to execute related to device “clean up.” Is that correct?

@mrjoedave I have the Thinking Cleaner roomba attachment along with the associated app from sidjohn1:

you would be correct by that… At this time you would have to make the roomba controlled by a switch… or better a helloHome action and then have alexa call that helloHome action.

Gotcha. The roomba works because @sidjohn1 coded it like a switch, so I can tell it to turn on with “Alexa, tell the house to turn on the roomba.” I was just hoping to simplify the phrase.

So… My Idea would be to create a hello home action that turns on the switch and then you can say, Alexa, Tell home to say clean.

I am looking at moving a lot of the voice processing over to the server side in the future… Just need to figure out how I want to go about that…

I know that there are a few people out there that like to check on the progress of my code…

I have just made my main repo public :slight_smile: The only reason why I didn’t do this before is because I was trying to work out some major bugs and wanted to get those worked out first.

I am sitting at just under 200 commit and starting to work on my third branch - Bringing in Nest support! This code and the documentation are not at a point where it can be used by other people as it is missing many config files and instructions, but the code is there for review.

Github link:

As time goes on this will probably get renamed to something like Zpriddy_Alexa_Services… But this is the core of my code.


Would “Nest support” allow for support of generic thermostats also? Judging by the threads I’ve seen I think the community may have a broader deployment of things like the 2GIGs, Ecobees, etc. I’m guessing most if not all of the utterances you’d use for Nest would also apply to other thermostats.

I will probably add in support for thermostats too… The Alexa and Nest code was the first Alexa Project that I did… So it worked directly with Nest… I am just combining them into one spot for now.

So I am working on more updates. I know that most of the updates over the last few weeks haven’t been too visible except for making everyone re-link their account… This has mostly been backend updates to support more users and to increase the speed of actions. I am now at a point where I can start adding more features.

I have a beta of the Nest service if anyone is interested please PM me and Ill send over some more details.

So far we are up at 40 Users! :slight_smile: (The current number of users is also displayed on the front page at )

What do you want to see supported? - I need to know where to focus my efforts…

What I have planned:

  • Dimmers
  • Hue Colors
  • Door Locks
  • Current Home Status
  • Thermostats

What is supported:

  • Modes
  • Switches
  • HelloHome Actions

I would like sensor status like, are all the windows shut, what is the thermostat set to along along with what is the temperature in the house.
Changing the thermostat would be nice too :smile:


Dimmers would be my first choice followed by what @swindmiller suggested. It’s all great stuff though!

I would love sensor status. I kind of have door locks working by using HelloHome Actions. Is it possible to have Alexa respond to Smartthings ? example tell me the front door is open? My wife just arrived home ?. Im in no way a programmer so Im just curious if that was at all possible.

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So those Ideas fall under the ‘Home Status’ part of my roadmap :slight_smile:

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How about temp sensor? Possible for Alexa to tell us the temperature of a sensor?

Well then I think you have your #1 suggestion :smile:

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So is this available to everyone yet? Can I run the server on my raspberry pi or do we have to use your server? Where do I start??