Samsung Robot Vacuum

Can anyone confirm if the samsung vacuum is already supported by the smartthings platform or is this a coming feature?

My neato robot just died and it’s time for a new one.


Hi Joel!

We demo’d a pretty cool integration for the robot vacuum at CES in Vegas and AHR in Chicago but have not released anything official yet. I’m not sure the timeline for public release, but I love the idea of scheduling its operation based on mobile presence and only running when no one is home.


Absolutely. Schedules work great but giving the bit more context will be great. Thanks for the reply

Roomba and smartthings via thinking cleaner have been working together for a while. Its one more option to consider.

@Aaron, I see the device type (SAMI Samsung Robot Cleaner) in the list, how do I connect the VR9000 to ST?

Thanks for your help.

Where are you seeing the Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner in the app? There is an option to connect with SAMI, but that is for developers to integrate with the new IoT cloud. Here are some notes:

I saw it via the web interface (under devices). I’ll take a look at the notes. I have access to a VR9000 and I was trying to see if I could configure to clean when everyone leaves. Thanks.

Ahhh - This one here?:

It is part of the SAMI developers program (this is why it’s in the developer portal but not the app)… the best place to go for more information on integrating via the SAMI cloud will be (just keep in mind, they aren’t as good looking as the staff behind


@April liked this because she knows SmartThings’ support team would beat SAMI’s support team in a tug of war contest.

that or a shallow contest of popularity and looks. I mean, this office is looking hotter and hotter everyday, now especially since Hall and most of the DC boys are here at Palo Alto. :wink:

I’m starting think that the support team has a criteria of having good looks before they can join the team.

Bago where you able to get it to work as this is going to be my xmas present to myself

*were lols @ my post

Samsung Robot Vacuum is now in Android App in New Things folder.

Hmm, interesting. Are you able to setup automation control of it with this integration? Looks like it just gives you manual remote control. It would be great to be able to have a Routine setup to tell it to run only when no one or something like that.

I assume it has events and actions like other integrations do, but I don’t think many people know because the supported vacuums are not yet on sale in US and UK and Samsung UK (where I am) doesn’t even have a release date yet.

Oh, damn, I didn’t even notice that. I just figured it was this one that worked with it. After looking into the specs I now see the model # is not the same as what this integration says is supported. That said, where would you recommend we look to see when the supported models will be released?

That one should work as well.

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Oh cool! Do you know for sure, though? It would be an expensive mistake :wink:

Also, can you tell us what automation you can setup for it once integrated into the ST app? Is there a SmartApp on the marketplace you’ll need to install? Can you have a Routine setup to have it run only when everyone is away from home, or to go back and charge when someone comes home, etc.?

I’ll try and get official word about the supported models. An early response from an engineer was that if it supports Samsung Smart Home and is listed in our app then it’ll connect. There are LOTS of different model variants.

As far as automating the Robot Vacuum, the device supports the “Switch” capability which means it can be turned on and off with any SmartApp that turns a switch on or off. This includes Routines, so you can do some pretty powerful automations.

I asked Samsung UK sales and they replied they don’t know when it will be available and is not possible to get a notification when it becomes available, so I’ll have to ask them every couple of weeks I guess.

I looked at VR20H9050UW specs and it’s nowhere mentioned it has wifi or bluetooth so it’s unlikely that can be connected to SmartThings.