Smartthings outlets keeps turning off/on

Hi, I have In my smartthings system, 10 2019 smartthings outlets that all keeps turning off then on every few minutes. I have tried resetting everything, replacing the v3 hub and now deleting my account. nothing has changed, all 10 outlets turn off/on 24/7
My older versions of the smartthings outlets are fine but when ever I buy a new smartthings outlet it goes the same way.
I have looked at the logging to try to understand what is going on without success.

which outlet version is this on/off happening with - is this the newest squarish one?

2019 version. It turns off first then on. If I leave it in the off position its fine.

yes.2019 version. It turns off first then on. If I leave it in the off position its fine.

are you using the ST device handler or custom device handler when you pair

also, depending on what channel the zigbee radio is on, it could be getting interference from a router.

you can find the zigbee channel in the ide under the hub.

the only way to change the zigbee channel is to reset (start over).

after adding the hub, check the channel, that it is different from the previous setup - else reset again.

I just add the outlet through the app.

I have even changed the router.

I can change the zigbee channel? you think that could be it?

do this first. for each outlet that is doing this on/off by itself check in the events to see what caused the on/off. you can check in the app and ide events

also, separate your st hub from being right next to other electronic devices.

will try that. I have moved the hub well away from everything.

it definitely sounds like some kind of interference.

Do you have any automations that would trigger that outlet, especially any automations based on the outlet’s status?

I have been trying to fix this all year. every new smartthings outlet I add goes the same way. I have belkin and meross outlets without a problem

I have deleted all automations and my samsung account

when you say every outlet you add, do you mean the 2019 outlets you add only, but not the older 2015/2018 outlets you already have

have you tried unplugging those other branded outlets that might be causing interference and just using the st 2019 outlets?

I removed all other outlets and looked to replace them for only the new smartthings outlets.
I only get problems with 2019 smarthings outlets. they do this just by themselves

try a control test, using a 2019 outlet that is NOT paired. plug it in and manually turn it on with the button on the outlet. if it stays on then the problem lays between the 2019 outlet and the hub when the outlet is paired. thus, it could be interference.

something else, how far away from the hub are these 2019 outlets and what all is in between like walls, fridge, HVAC (inside) etc.

The manual test is fine. when unpaired it turns off an on fine. I have had the outlets next to the hub and on the other side of the house and the same thing happens.

another test would be to take 1 or more of the 2019 outlets over to a friends place and pair them to their hub and see if the on/off happens by itself or works like it should.

if they work like they should at the friends place with their hub, then you have a problem with your hub and since you have tried 2 different hubs then the problem most likely is some kind of zigbee radio interference.

you could even take the hub and paired 2019 outlets over to the friends house. if the outlets work with your hub over there then for sure you have an interference problem back at your place.

Quick question… are those the zigbee or wifi ST outlets you have?

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