Need help please, Smart Power outlet

Need help with a smart power outlet. I’ve had it over two years now, one of the original ZigBee ones from smart things. I have never had a problem with it. This morning I noticed it wasn’t on and decided to check it. Went into the app and turned it on. It came on for 1 seconds and immediately turned off. I have tried this several times with the same result. I’ve made sure that the mode is correct, the routine is correct and even tried plugging it into another outlet in the house. All It did is the same thing, turns on and off immediately. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions???

From your description it sounds to me like the device may have developed a problem. If it’s a SmartThings product I would suggest contacting support.

@PhilB thank you… Kind of what I was thinking. I was gonna try this first and that’s where I was headed next … :frowning:

To be sure it’s not a device issue. How about power off the hub and manually press the button on the plug? This should isolate the hub from the plug.

excellent advice!!! Thank you. When disconnected from the hub and manually pressed, it works just fine. I then turn the hub back on and had the same problem. Then I thought maybe it’s a ZigBee problem, so I checked other ZigBee Device’s and they worked just fine. I looked at the platform status and there’s a partial North America smart apps outage. I’m just wondering if that could be related? It just seems if it was related, I would it be experiencing more problems than just one device ??? Thoughts???

The next step I would go into IDE and look at the event log for that device. Possible you have a corrupted app or some weird event. If nothing else. You could wait for ST status to come back to normal first and see. Try not to reset the device right now with ST platform issue.
ST platform issue could cause one or multiple problems so it’s hard to tell.
If all else failed. Support to be able to help with a ghost issue.

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