Smartthings outlets keeps turning off/on

oh snap!!!

I had the same thing happen to me today. I have 6 Aeon Smart switches, most of them this one:

I have the DTH set to “Disable ON/OFF Switch” so they cannot be accidentally turned off. Today, 3 of them turned OFF at about the same time. They were the ones for the Refrigerator, Office Computer System, and the Networking equipment. The Networking Equipment and Office Computers are on a UPS fortunately. But not the Refrigerator.
Curious as to how that could have happened.

Hi, still the same problem after resetting the hub. If the problem is interference then I have no idea what could be causing this. I have turned everything I can find off. could this be something to do with the firmware?

did you do a full hard reset of the hub where you held down the back pin button for several seconds until the front led started flickering a yellowish color and then the led went thru several colors including a magenta/purple color and then finally settled on a solid green? this forces the hub to reset and download the latest firmware which is 32.10.

Hi, yes a full reset as you said. Its strange that only the new type smartthings plugs are affected not the old type. plus they only go crazy in the on position. I have 10 of these plugs that all switch off then on again every few minutes 24/7

if you are using any custom device handlers for any devices, it sounds like they might be doing something rogue.

Hello, I still have the same problem but I think It must be interference. I have taken my smartthings outlets and set them up with the same hub at a friends house without any issues. I have reset the plugs and plugged them back in at my place without installing them only to find they all begin to misbehave again. I have turned everything I possibly can off in the home router the lot and still the same problem. Has anyone got any ideas What I can try next?

You still havent told us if they are wifi or zigbee…you’ve only said 2019, which could be either variant and it does make a difference. Is it rectangle shaped or roundish?

Hi, the outlets are 2019 smartthings outlets (Zigbee). They are roundish. Its strange that the old type of smartthings outlets work fine. I have 12 of the new type and they all switch off then on in unison.

That’s very strange. I dont have any of the newer ones but do have 4 of the old ones with no issues as well. There definitely seems to be an underlying issue. Probably at this point, your best bet is to contact support

Hi. I’ve been on to support for the last 6 months with no joy. we keep going round in circles, They answer my mail eventually asking for more information and to give me a little advice and then they are gone again for weeks on end, I have to start the whole process again with them. I understand these are difficult times for support but I’ve been on this since May/June.