SmartThings Outlet-Zigbee issue

Lastnight I put in a SmartThings branded outlet in the sun room, mainly to act as a repeater for some zigbee devices in a storage shed.

Everything has been pretty solid zigbee wise. This morning woke up and nothing zigbee was working. Unplugged the hub for roughly an hour to rebuild the mesh. Here I am 6 hours later. And still have nothing zigbee working. Even removed an existing device and tried to add back and it wouldn’t even discover it.
Removed the outlet. Rebooted the hub. Back to working perfectly again and am able to add devices.
Any idea as to what’s causing this??

Where are you moving the outlet from? Was it already paired to ST in the old location?

Nope. Brand new outlet.

I would totally understand if I hand rebuilt the mesh and whatnot, but it’s like it’s trying to route everything zigbee through it then not relating to ST. Devices show available and show like they are fine. But zero control. So odd.

If you haven’t done so already, try re-doing the join of the plug to SmartThings. During the initial join there is a fair amount of communication between the hub and plug; something may have been corrupted preventing it from routing properly even though the end devices may be able to connect to it as a valid parent. If the end devices still see a stronger radio link to it vs. the hub, its possible that a Zigbee heal may not resolve this kind of issue until the router (plug) is properly joined.

I did a rejoin once. But will for sure try again once I’m home from the office. Its for sure a wee bit frustrating.