SmartThings Outlet not turning off?

I have a ST outlet that won’t turn off. The IDE shows that it has an active heartbeat, so I assume that means it’s online and the hub sees it. However, it is not responding to the off command. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to get to the outlet. I assume there is nothing I can really do without physically accessing the device?

Stupid question. Have you killed the app and reopened? You can also try deleting the app and re-installing.

Yep, quit app and relaunched. Ran routines that also control it…nada.

I just noticed I haven’t received a power (wattage) reading from it in a while. Im guessing it’s just not working. Ugh.

That’s disappointing. What brand and model is it?

I had a similar issue with a door lock. Very frustrating… Too bad SmartThings is not smart enough to flag devices it lost communication with.

This is a ST outlet.

Unfortunately this is the case. You can reset the device and then re-join it, without removing all the apps and the device, and it would join as the device it was last with the same DNI and that should regain communication.

You can also try unplugging the hub from power and battery for 20 minutes, which will rebuild the zigbee network.